September 15, 2008

Whoopi Concerned of a Return to Slavery

This is why the left is out of their minds.

This segment of The View last week started out as a serious discussion about Roe v Wade. Thanks to Whoopi, it deteriorated into silliness. First at the 1:10 mark, which didn't get recognized, then again at 2:00 she gets her chance.

It proves, once again, the left is clueless as to how America became the greatest nation in the world. They have an unbelievable ignorance of history and what the phrase "strict constructionist" means. Pssst, hey Whoopi, it's not constitutionalists.

The assumption is, of course, conservatives are just evil. The left thinks conservatives want to throw women in jail for abortion - inaccurate at best. And when we are done, we want to bring back slavery - stupidity and ignorance beyond belief. I don't suppose that's the race card being used again, is it?

Shame is, John didn't recognize the problem with her question.

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