August 31, 2008

Comic Relief - Mayor Nagin

"You need to be need to get your butts out of New Orleans, right now. This is the storm of the century!"

Nothing like the "vagina friendly" and "chocolate" mayor creating a little panic. If only he had taken his own advice and was proactive about helping everyone leave 3 years ago.

Will Nagin use the school buses this time?

Why Palin? Change of Course

No matter who John McCain had chosen as his running-mate, he was going to take heat from several fronts. Selecting Sarah Palin only set him up for a slightly different slant on the normal criticisms.

By selecting a woman, McCain's opposition assumed the choice was just about gender, to pick-off Hillary voters - they are wrong. Doesn't their balking prove they are the ones focused on such insignificant issues?

By selecting a relative unknown, his opposition assumed the choice was made out of desperation - they are wrong. As one person asked (I honestly forget where I heard this), does one need an appearance on Meet the Press to be qualified for Veep?

By selecting a strong pro-life conservative, the left assumes Hillary supporters can't possibly vote for the GOP side of the ticket - they are wrong. Is it not possible there were pro-life Hillary supporters?

Palin is strong on several issues high on voters minds this November. On corruption, Palin's fight against her own party in Alaska proves she not afraid to take on the status-quo. On energy, Palin and most Alaskans want drilling in ANWAR and understands the fraud of (man-made) global warming better than even her running-mate does, let alone the left. On change, McCain virtually stated, I got your change right here.

Sarah isn't from inside the beltway - refreshing. She has more experience in Government (12 years) including 600 days as Governor (1 of 50 Americans with the title), than Obama. She also chaired the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and served as its Ethics Supervisor for the commission.

Contrast that with Barry's 11 years and 143 working days as a US Senator (1 of 100 Americans). Obama is the chair of the Senate sub-committee of European Affairs - wooo hooo! He has yet to hold one meeting.

John McCain could have chosen anyone and he was going to get hammered. If he selected Romney, Pawlenty, or Ridge the detractors would have said, more of the same - another GOP white guy. Ridge would not have energized the base as Palin has, Pawlenty would have made some yawn, and Romney would have caused similar pro-life arguments despite his flip-flop on the issue.

Sarah Palin has erased the entire bounce Obama received from the convention. Her detractors can't argue with her on issues, so they are attacking her personally. They insult her intelligence because they assume a former beauty queen can't possibly have much depth. They attack her experience, but fail to admit Obama's lack of the same.

She is a pro-life Catholic and a hockey mom who hunts. She has a positive energy which is contagious. You can measure her impact by the type of criticism she is receiving.

By asking the question, "Are you serious?", the left is exposing their ignorance on gender, small-town America, and conservatives, once again.

So much for change.

August 29, 2008

Better Not Be True

Not even 24 hours after Sarah Palin was selected to be McCain's running-mate this story comes via Comments From Left Field.

If remotely true, what does it say about the McCain's campaign ability to vet the Alaska Governor? Worse yet, what will it say to the conservative base who just got on the McCain-Palin bandwagon?

While one could understand a mom going to extreme legnths to protect her daughter, it won't sit well with a lot of folks. At least, it will require quite a lot of explaining.

If nowhere close to fact, it proves Left Field is where character assassination is created.

Hurricane Gustov - Good News for Idiots

Mike Moore is a moron. Sorry Mom, you taught me better. But this disgrace of a human being is thanking God for hurricane Gustav.

His logic, as stated on Olbermann tonight, it could ruin the GOP convention plans and remind everyone of what happened three years ago. He (and Olberschmuck) goes on to ridicule Bush for celebrating John McCain's 70th birthday the same morning (Monday) Katrina hit. Moore was making a lame attempt to show the two as out of touch at the moment when New Orleans was in harms way.

Way to have a firm grip on reality boys. You are aware it wasn't until Tuesday when the pumps failed and the levies broke, right? Which means the disaster Katrina left in her wake wasn't yet realized (chronologically speaking) when the birthday photo you two geniuses referenced was taken.

Moore's thoughts on Sarah Palin? Republican women are just dumb. Solid argument Mike, no really, I mean it.

Tremendous Pick!

I was not one of the first on the Sarah Palin bandwagon, and until this morning she seemed an afterthought. But I already sense a lot of enthusiasm from Republicans I talk to (and read), and personally feel energized by this selection.

Issues where Palin instantly gives the GOP an advantage, in no particular order...

Gender, age, experience (more than Barry), oil, energy, corruption, and pork.

The best part of the selection - she moved Obama's speech last night to the back burner.

August 28, 2008

McCain Veep Is...

The true sign that Mitt Romney would be the next Republican Vice-Presidental Candidate, is an increasing secret service presence around the former Massechusetts Governor.

So this is interesting from Roll Call...

But Real Clear Politics has sources seeing different signs...

Obama's Convention Speech

It ended with a country music song, then jumped into an orchestral overture like the ones that run with the credits at the end of a blockbuster movie. It was overdone with fireworks, streamers (which awkwardly draped over the stage) and confetti.
Am I the only one who thought the ending was uncomfortable at best?

But I digress, Barack Obama met the moment and the hype - he is perfect, if not designed, for this setting.

Denver police estimate the crowd at 85,000 - an impressive figure for sure.

There were plenty of sound bites the media will repeat, and one they surely won't. You can find that one below.

The theme seemed different and old in rhetoric at the same time. While appearing much more upbeat than prior Democratic Presidential Candidates have in the past, there really weren't any new ideas proposed.

In years prior, Democrat cadidates have fallen into the trap of seeming to have a disdain for America. Tonight, Barry didn't do that. Instead, he seemed to attempt to lump McCain as someone who doesn't get - and in turn he does.

He spoke of an America where anything is possible. In America, even a poor black kid from the south side of Chicago can make his dreams come true. One issue with this approach, it's a Republican ideal!

The problem with the left, and their new nominee, is the belief that THEY (or government) are the only ones who can provide these opportunities. He spoke of how "I've seen it in Illinois where we provided healthcare for children...and better care for veterans"

Affordable healthcare for everyone...paid sick days...$150 billion investment in renewable energy...can you say increased government spending?

No need, he did it himself when he said, "America, now is not the time for small plans." Chaaaaa-ching, that's the money quote!

Democrats and the Flag

Anyone else noticing how much the Democrats seem to be all for wrapping themselves in the flag over the last two nights?

But two nights out of one election cycle does not make one patriotic, huh Barry?

Will he be wearing a flag pin on his lapel, I wonder?

Next thing you know, they'll start talking about God and Religion too...

McCain on Obama's Moment

As you prepare for Barack's big moment, here's a message from John McCain to contrast it against. Not your typical political ad.

Reporter Arrested for Taking Dem Senators' Pictures

Hat tip to Yardo.

According to ABC, one of their producers was arrested by Denver police for taking pictures of Democrat Senators and big money donors as they left a meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel.

The producer, Asa Eslocker, is working on an investigative report by ABC World News Tonight aimed to show the role of corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors at the convention.

The problem for Democrats; they aren't supposed to know any big money people, or so they'd like you to believe.

Obama's Toga Party

A lot of my fellow conservatives are beating up on the design of the stage at Invesco Field for the Chosen One. A design where Greek (or Roman) architecture meets the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I'm not so sure if it's meant to invoke God-like visions, but rather re-create the I have a dream backdrop 45 years later.

But before we get too distracted by the coming 70,000 toga party for the Greek (eh, American) God Obama, we need to see a similarity between the stage tonight and the one Dubya stood on in 2004.

One difference though, Bush was an incumbant President and the backdrop seemed intended to give a strict White House feel.

DNC - Night Three

The problem for Dems last night - after Bill Clinton, Biden's performance was underwhelming.

For some reason, the Democrats keep missing the best talking points in their arsenol. They seem to have accepted the notion this election is all about Obama and feel obligated to continuosly pump him up with empty platitudes.

With their focus on the Chosen One, they've nearly abandoned bashing W - their most effective weapon in recent years. Can't they say Haliburton, Katrina, WMDs, Dick Cheney, selected not elected, Abu Ghraib, wire-tapping, et al anymore?

I guess they feel those failed arguments don't work anymore.

On a separate note; anyone notice Governor Bobby Jindal's proactive state of emergency declaration, urging residents of Louisiana to start making plans to evacuate the region? Proactive verses reactive, the difference between Republican and Democratic leadership.

August 27, 2008

It's Official

Hillary just made it official, she's throwing her delegates to Obama. The Democratic party has selected Barack Obama to be its nominee for President of the United States.

Actually, a well executed show for the Dems. And a gift for the GOP!

Double Oooops!

The more Democrats talk and the brighter the spotlight shines upon them, the more polls indicate McCain is getting the bump.


Thanks to Tony Phyrillas for pointing out good news.

It's not just good for the country; landing smack in the middle of the DNC Convention, it's bad news for Democrats.

DNC Night Two - Barack Will Re-Define Time

While watching MSNBC last night - don't ask me why - I heard Spike Lee make a comment during an interview from the convention floor and nearly spit my beverage across the room.

Referring to how much things will change with an Obama presidency, Lee stated,
It's going to be before Obama, B.B., and after Obama, A.B. - and some folks better get used to it.
Never mind that Spike apparently can't form a proper initialism, I was convinced it would be the last time the remarks would see the light of day. Thanks to this article, I see I was wrong.

Hillary's speech last night, combined with Bill's earlier in the day, doesn't seem to indicate the Clinton's are ready to give up just yet.

Until the actual delegates are counted, I still see a possible fight brewing. That will be Must-See-TV.


August 26, 2008

Opening Night DNC Convention

Short Version.

Caroline Kennedy introduced "Uncle Teddy" with stories attempting to show him as caring and loving. But when she went on to say that those who rely on government assistance in one form or another can thank Ted for what they have, she made a strategic mistake.

Caroline proved what conservatives have been saying for decades - Democrats are proud to proclaim that without their efforts, some of you would have nothing. Nothing like an entire entitlement class enslaved by politicians who believe they are helping.

Ted attempted to give the torch-passing speech. As an early Barry supporter, it seemed appropriate and attempted to stir up the old emotions of Camelot, once again. It worked with the dire-hards in the audience, but I doubt swing voters were moved. The fact that he was able to make it up on stage and deliver the remarks at all was an accomplishment of its own.

If you were seeing Michele Obama for the first time, I suppose her speech may have hit a few emotions or two. Her job was to humanize Barry and she succeeded at doing that.

However, those of us in Abington who were honored to have Michele speak to us earlier this year, heard pretty much the same rhetoric.


August 25, 2008

Rumblings in Denver

Courtesy of, the unity theme in Denver seems to be just pretty window dressing to conceal what's really happening.

Biden's pick essentially gave McCain, not Obama, a bump and he doesn't have the poll lead one would expect given the "horrible economy" and the low approval of President Bush. If you add Barry's unimpressive showing in the primary season's second half to the mix, one must conclude the Obama campaign needs a major bump - a total success - from this convention.

Success for Obama means a quiet news front (read protestors and Clintonites) but loud and moving sound bites about unity. But the rumblings both inside and out of the Staples Center don't point toward such unity and I can see a minor incident pushing tensions over the tipping point.

Remember Barry's flip on Iraq, partial-birth abortion, and guns? The base, not to mention the power-brokers in the Democratic party, are nervous and the public is already suffering from Obama fatigue.

You know, it's not too late for the super delegates to change their minds.

August 23, 2008

See, I Told You So

Although I don't usually like to brag, Barack Obama's Veep choice was revealed here, ten days before it became apparent to the rest of the world.

The question now becomes, what does Joe Biden bring to the Obama campaign? Why did Barry pass on a woman or a younger runnning mate?

The answer is simple, Obama needs white men. To be worthy of the Commander-in-Chief position he is applying for, Barry must convince white men he is willing to surround himself with individuals who give him a smidge of credibility in the foreign affairs department. Biden adds gravitas the ticket desperately needs.

Biden is one of the Dems most intellectual speakers, despite his leftest leanings. He knows how to throw punches and dance around facts to suit his needs.

However, there are a couple reasons why this choice shows Obama is grasping at straws by picking this re-tread.

First is the mouth factor that comes with Biden. Remember it was Biden who is infamous for his "clean, articulate candidate" quote about Obama which virtually torpedoed Joe's run for the top office before it got off the ground.

Second, is Biden's age. At 65, he would be older than McCain if he chose to run after Barry served 8 years (assuming he lasts so long). I guess the late-night comics will have to create new material to use against McCain.

As for the "on the job training" Joe suggested Obama would need in the Oval office, I suppose the elder democrat will be providing the lesson plan.

The remaining question on my mind is how long it will take Joe to say something which dooms both candidates' aspirations for higher office.

August 19, 2008

Shore Blogging

I couldn't resist. Even while on vacation in lovely Ocean City, New Jersey, I had to check in to share a few notes and observations from the shore...

While driving home from Pirates Cove Mini Golf Sunday night, all the big flat screens I could see from the car were tuned into the Olympics. It could indicate there's simply nothing else to watch or Americans acutally enjoy watching competition when the U.S. Team is performing well.

The four year old shot a 66 at the O.C. par 3 course by the airport. He nearly hit a birdie - no, not a one-under-par on 12, rather a Canadian goose who refused to move. No comment on my own score.

Uncle Bill's Pancake House is fantastic.

Be back Saturday.

August 15, 2008

A Noble Battle

One developer has taken his opinion of unions public. On the sign at Noble Square, a Goodman Properties site, the message is quite clear - don't tell me who I can hire.

It's clear to many common-sense-type folk that unions drive up costs, threaten those who choose non-union contractors, and will ruin development in Montgomery county if builders are forced to employ them.

Page13 always appreciates those who stand up for what they believe, no matter who may be threatening them. Goodman Properties deserves kudos for their "hold the line" stance.

Hat tip to PM.

August 14, 2008

Battle of the Headlines cont'd

Barack Obama is on vacation, so this version of Battle of the Headlines sure must be John McCain's best chance at winning, right?

First, the Chosen One
Obama’s Hawaii Fund-Raiser Brings in $1.3 Million
Powell To Endorse Obama?
Swiftboat Book Publisher Targets Obama

and John McCain
John McCain And The Curse Of Reform
McCain pushes hard line against Russia; aides attack Obama
Both Parties Now Ignoring McCain

...and the winner is?

August 13, 2008

Obama's Veep Choice Is...

According to page13news sources, Barack Obama has made his choice for Vice President.

I have been trying to confirm the information which started to leak yesterday. And until "official" news sources pick this up, I suppose some will classify this as just another rumor started by bloggers.

The name being whispered in my ear by people close to the individual, is none other than Joe Biden from Delaware.

Not exactly earth shattering as Biden's name has been bounced around a lot lately. But my sources state that, among other signs, the secret service has stepped up its detail around the Deleware Senator.

Despite once saying he didn't want the job, but would find it hard to say no, Biden will lend his name to the Hope and Change ticket.

August 12, 2008

Trouble for the Chosen One

Steven Warshawsky from American Thinker agrees with page13, Obama is in trouble.

I'll go out on a limb here. Either Barry wins in the closest election since 2000 - and won't those recounts be fun - or McCain wins in a landslide reminiscent of 1968.

August 10, 2008

Slow Death of "Journalism"

Neal Gabler's been around long enough, he should know how to hide his obvious adoration of the Messiah. Sadly the MSM has simply stopped trying to be objective in their coverage. Sure, it's an op-ed, but a weak one.

Mark Hemingway at The Corner has a great rebut to Gabler's LA Times opinion drivel. The money quote,

I presume Gabler thinks what we really need is a movie about a sensitive young man who, despite being raised in relative affluence, overcomes a negative self-image brought on by his racist grandmother before going on to a triumphal and dynamic episode as editor of the Harvard Law Review, eventually rising through the ranks of the Illinois legislature where he succeeds by mastering the art of voting "present," before dipping his toe in the Senate so he can be crowned leader of free world. For my money, that sounds about as exciting as Phonebook: The Movie.
Neal obviously doesn't see that Barack is the definition of the rock star. Gabler's attempt to provide cover for his hero using such a weak argument proves Hollywood's and MSM are growing desperate to save him. No matter how much blush they apply, they can't disguise what's becomingly obvious.

Barack is a mere thesbian, a used-car saleman, lacking depth beyond the script, with little experience, and thinner skin.

August 7, 2008

Call Off the Fat Lady?

This report comes courtesy of Drudge. Hillary supporters are remaining true to their darling heroine. Two groups, PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) and the Just-Say-No-Coalition, claim they will never support Obama in the fall campaign.

The groups are planning protests at the Democratic convention in Denver later this month. Despite Obama's call to seat all of the Michigan and Florida delegates and Hillary's (uh hem) fully-pledged support, these groups intend to continue fighting.

Unofficial reports indicate Operation Chaos embeds are ready to stir the pot, inciting the leftists' rage.

On another note, the Dems are sure to mark two key anniversaries during convention week with all the pomp and circumstance only victim-based whining can create.

August 26th will be the 88th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution (giving women the right to vote), and is the same night as Hillary's prime time speech. One can just envision the tributes by the MSM.

However, those will pale in comparison to the evening when Barry takes the stage. Historians and Obama's campaign will be sure to remind us that August 28 is the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I have a Dream' speech on the mall in Washington.

Of course, page13 will be raising its glass to another date in history - the 40th anniversary of the Chicago riots.

August 6, 2008

Zogby Poll Shows Obama Free Fall

Zogby International has a new poll out which should give the Obama campaign several reasons to worry.

Since July, Obama has lost support amongst women, young people, Democrats, independents, and Catholics. The biggest changes include a 36 point turnaround amongst voters under 30 away from Barack, while McCain gains 26 points with Catholics.

The big picture shows a virtual dead heat. With a 10 point July lead and Barry's big adventure to the Middle-East, one might expect the opposite result in the polls. The Democrat convention is just weeks away, yet voters are showing a bit of Barry fatigue.

How many Democrat super delegates are re-thinking their pending votes? It's not too late you know.

August 5, 2008

Road Trip!!

Nancy Pelosi will be at the main branch of the Philadelphia Free Library (1901 Vine Street) tonight at 7pm for a book reading.

Anyone else feel a road trip coming on? Bring your own props.

August 4, 2008

Southeast Reps Take Aim at DeWeese

Josh Shapiro (D-Abington) didn't need to call for Bill DeWeese's resignation over the Bonusgate scandal. Without a competitor this fall, Josh has nothing to lose in throwing DeWeese under the bus.

But after negotiating the deal which left DeWeese out of the speaker's seat two years ago and Republican Denny O'Brien in, it shouldn't be a surprise to see Shapiro making this morning's call for the House Majority leader to step aside.

Rick Taylor (D-Ambler) on the other hand is in a fight against a strong opponent, Montco Assistant DA Todd Stevens. Taylor needed this moment to get the issue off the table, after Montco GOP Chair - Bob Kerns - called for Taylor to explain his own staffer's role in the scandal. So in a not-so-suprising move, Taylor made his own call for the Democrat to step aside.

DeWeese hasn't been indicted but is quickly becoming the poster-boy for the controversy and, as Shapiro puts it,
"Bill DeWeese's presence as the leader of our caucus -- the face of our caucus -- dramatically undermines that effort to expand our majority, and may even compromise it."

DeWeese fired back, albeit weakly, as he stated that Shapiro was only trying to cover himself, after an obscure reference to him was made in the indictment.

Shapiro did his best to provide his nearby colleague Taylor the cover, but the move by the 151st District incumbent seems reactionary given that Steven's and the GOP out-flanked him on the issue. Clearly, Rick is in trouble and his piling on DeWeese is simply a matter of convenience.


HT to for this classic. The best line in this tongue-in-cheek ad...

The best things in life are free; for everything else, there's whitey.

August 3, 2008

Fantasy World

Last week, one individual suggested that I might be living in a fantasy world. He actually said a lot more, referring to me as someone who was, among other things, desperately trying to hang on to my youth.

You know, to a certain extent, he was absolutely right.

For each of the last 15 years, I've spent the month of August doing research, taking notes, and analyzing statistics. Spending time reading magazines, searching websites, and watching television, all in an effort to find every little angle which will give me an advantage.

All this preparation for one day, one six-hour event which will define the rest of my year.

I'm talking draft day of course - fantasy football draft to be precise.

Armed with cold beer, cigars, and cheat-sheets, myself and eleven of my fellow wanna-be NFL GMs gather for an afternoon of football, trash-talk, and good food.

These days, the draft is also a time for us to share family photos and reminisce about old friends who have passed. It's the one day on our social calenders when everyone is in attendance.

Since going online in 2000, my teams have combined to hold the SFL's second best record and my name is permanently engraved on the SFL Championship Beer Mug twice. My first-ever draft pick was, no surprise, Dan Marino and to a fault I tend to have too many Dolphin players on my roster yearly.

Best of luck to all you fantasy football players out there as your own draft day approaches. As for my fellow SFL owners, class will be in session soon; you might as well just hand the mug to me now.

August 2, 2008

The One

McCain's latest web ad is a classic. Funny, irreverent, and spot on!

Dan Cirucci

A mentor of mine from across the bridge in New Jersey, Dan Cirucci, has good things to say about page13news.

He's no fan of Governor Corzine, nor of the Messiah. His commentary about life, the media, politics, and pop culture is a must read for those who pay attention to such issues.

The former President of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association and lecturer at Penn State Abington, Cirucci is proving that not all college professors are looney leftists.

Be sure you check out Dan Cirucci's blog often.

August 1, 2008

Turn Out the Lights, The (Dem) Party is Over

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats closed the current Congressional session for the summer, despite doing nothing on gas prices. However, Republicans refused to leave and staged an impromptu protest.

Briefly, the lights and cameras were ordered to be turned off by the "leader". While the lights in The People's House were eventually turned back on, cameras (CSPAN) are no longer recording.

A couple dozen House Republicans were joined by a number of staffers, the Boy Scouts, members of the German army (ok, that's weird), and even some DC tourists.

The event lasted 5 hours, with a standing ovation by witnesses to the mini protest, followed by cheers of USA, USA, USA!

Tony Phyrillas has more from House Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO). followed the entire saga.

Twenty Years of Excellence

Happy Anniversary Rush Limbaugh! The leading voice of the modern-day conservative movement celebrates his 20th year behind the golden EIB microphone today.

The first time I saw Rush was during a 2am airing of his television show back in '92. He was too controversial (i.e. conservative) to be given a prime-time slot. However, despite attempts to hide him on late-night t.v., Rush was already beating Letterman and Arsenio Hall in the ratings game.

He's written two books, The Way Things Ought to Be and See, I Told You So, both of which were New York Times best-sellers. He's been the leading talk-show host for years, with nearly double the audience Howard Stern had before leaving for Sirius in '95. Now at over 20 million listeners, Rush is as influential as ever.

While it's hard to pin down one of my favorite Rush moments, I often refer back to his 35 undeniable truths of life (2nd version) and marvel at how accurate it's remained over the years.

You don't achieve such success without sustainability and credibility. No matter what the childish left calls the man, he's been an inspiration to those of us who've been loyal listeners over the years.