April 29, 2008

Hole Digging

Rule #1, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Advice apparently lost on Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Yesterday was the National Press Club's annual meeting. During a Q&A session, Wright was asked about his comments which have received so much publicity. Instead of answering, he chose to chide the questioner by sarcastically asking, "Did you hear the whole sermon?" (I've heard that question before).

Wright went on to claim the question was somehow irrelevant since the one who asked didn't actually see the entire sermon. Never mind those of us have seen and want answers.

Then Wright says he will try to answer, "...without sounding bombastic". However, Jeremiah - whose body language clearly shows he feels above having to answer such a question - proceeds to do exactly what he claimed he wouldn't, answer indignantly.

To round out the first minute of this clip, Wright starts and the Press Club attendees finish well-known Bible verses.

My first impression of this exchange was how willing the press is to get roped into Wright's rhetoric. Can't you just feel the love? My second...since when does the press acknowledge any intellect on issues of faith?

I don't really need to see the other 8 minutes of ignorance to understand where this is leading. Wright is a part of the blame America first crowd. We have nothing to be proud of, nothing worth celebrating. Our past mistakes don't give us any right to appreciate what we have accomplished.

Included in our achievements, allowing such hate-filled speech to flourish. Wright is right about one thing...America's Chicken, is coming home to roost.

April 27, 2008

Good Sports Day

Flyers dominate the Canadiens for the second straight game as Marty Biron, with a little far post help, shines again. Phillies win against the hapless Pirates. Sixers are up 2-1 on the favored Pistons.

Andy Reid pulls a mini-coup trading down to get three draft picks from the Panthers, including a first round pick in 2009. Given his history with the opening round, it's not suprising Andy traded out for the second straight year. Given his history drafting talent, I'm not sure more picks were what the Birds need. Given his won/loss record, I'll cut him some slack.

But anyone who knows me well, understands my focus yesterday was clearly on South Florida. I moved to Philly from Orlando in '79. And just as Birds fans would never relinquish their devotion to the green (should be Kelly) and white, I will never abandon the Dolphins.

The Parcels/Sparano era is off to an impressive start and for the first time since Tom Olivadotti was named defensive coordinator (circa 1987), I have confidence in the Dolphins future. Their Respect the Code marketing plan tells you a little about the new attitude in Miami. Clearly, they get it.

The Fish took Jake Long (OT - Michigan) with the first pick. A 6'7" 315 mountain who will start immediately and open holes for Ronnie Brown. Miami went for defensive line help with Phil Merling (DE - Clemson), and added depth at quarterback with Long's teammate Chad Henne (QB - Michigan).

Merling signals Jason Taylor's time in a Dolphins uniform is about over. The fans hope he gets his shot to play for a contender. He'd look good in Philly.

Henne means an all-out fight for starting quarterback between himself, John Beck and Josh McKown will be worth watching. But the Dolphins still need wideouts to catch the ball. I have a feeling the top brass is aware.

Here's coverage of the top pick's selection. Note the stinkin' Jets losers reaction.

April 26, 2008

Best Cheesesteak

Glen Macnow had a mission. The Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge was a mission of sacrifice, eat forty-five cheesesteaks in forty-five days, but someone had to do it. Glen was honored to accept the challenge.

Sure, Philadelphia Magazine started the concept of "Best of Philly", the annual look at what's in in Philly. But Macnow, the consummate Philly guy, placed his focus on the only category that matters, cheesesteaks.

The result, John's Roast Pork takes top honors. Meanwhile, Northeast Philly's Steve's Prince of Steaks (and my personal favorite), known by the locals as Sloppy's, comes in second. Fellow nor'easter and not-so-politically-correct named Chink's gets third.

If you understand Philly-speak, nicknames come from a variety of sources. Friends of mine had nicknames like Nortie, Looney, and Beaker. Chink was the nickname of the original owner, who opened the joint in 1949. That fact was apparently missed by this clueless food critic.

Other, better-known steak shops also made Glen's list. Tony Luke's (8th), and Jim's (12th) made respectable showings. But the original South Philly staples, Joey Vento's Geno's Steaks, and Pat's King of Steaks, finished a lackluster 35th and 42nd respectively.

Tip of the hat to Macnow - sacrificing himself for his friends.

April 25, 2008

Moyers and Wright

A wise man once said,
PBS, the Montessori School for adults
Tonight, looney leftist Bill Moyers hosts Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Set your DVRs folks. I'm sure this hard-hitting interview will provide plenty of fodder for talk radio.

When on his pulpit, making his "America's chickens, are coming home, to roost" comments, Wright felt safe, open to speak freely. Little did he know his words were going to be used against him.

This time, he's fully aware of his audience. Does anyone think he will seem more measured, calm, and in control of his mouth?

Notice how the Sunday talk show analysts spin this version of Jeremiah. They'll claim his original words must have been overblown and taken out of context, given the way he performs in this charade.

One positive thing will come out. The whining about 30 second snippets will no longer be available for the reverend's excuse-makers.

April 23, 2008

Notes from the Battle Field

Random thoughts following Pennsylvania's primary...

Hillary wins by double digits. Cheers went up in at least one Republican gathering last night.

The newest MSM question is, why can't Obama seal the deal? If only they had come up with the question on their own.

The MSM exposed themselves as the biased frauds they are, as shown in this article, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

Finally, Jesus Christ got 6 write-in votes in one Montgomery County polling location. The same poll had multiple mass-produced Republican sample ballots (the green pieces of paper volunteers distribute before you enter polling locations) which appeared to be official. One problem; committee people can not be endorsed as these fraudulent ballots claimed. It seems Lisa Paolino isn't the only Republican attempting to pull the wool over voters eyes.

April 20, 2008

Primary Winner?

Now that the Democrat Circus tour of Pennsylvania is almost over, let's review.

In the first Philly debate in November, Clinton whiffs on a simple question about illegals in New York being given drivers licenses.

In February, Clinton whines about having to field the first question in debates.

The Abington School Board gives in to pressure from Josh Shapiro and the Obama campaign, to reverse school board policy 48 hours before the March 13th rally.

Obama gives an empty speech about race March 18th, not to disassociate himself from clear anti-American rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright, but rather to point fingers at the typical white folk who make the reverend feel the way he does.

Clinton manufactures and exaggerates the danger she faced when traveling to Bosnia. Sniper-gate (I love the irony for the former Watergate lawyer) cements the notion that Hillary will say anything to appear as though she has gravitas.

Obama, showing his true opinion about Democrat middle-class white folk, makes his guns and religion clutching comments, followed by a awkward backpedal.

Obama and his supporters whine over tough questioning last Thursday from George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson. Both Clintons pile on, calling Barack a whiner. Hey Hill, remember the first question?

Add President Carter's embrace of Hamas, it's not an impressive six weeks from the Democrats. The primary winner in Keystone State? Clearly, McCain and the GOP.

April 17, 2008

Conservatives Where?

Penn State Abington (suburban Philly) hosted a lunch time forum billed as, "Red vs Blue - The State of Moral Values in America" today.

Though not covered as widely as the Clinton v Obama debate last night, the room was filled (120 approximately) to hear Jonah Goldberg and Peter Beinart debate a variety of issues. Yours truly was one of the attendees. I'm not sure, but I believe a similar debate forum was held by the same two in 2005.

Goldberg is a leading conservative journalist and a founding editor of National Review Online. Beinart is a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations, editor-at-large at the New Republic, and NPR regular.

Though the topic strayed off the Moral Values platform frequently, the debate was more in-depth than the top-of-the-democrat-ticket battle last night. Issues included global warming, the role of government in our lives, and health care.

I expected Beinart to drop a series of Bill-Maher-like insults, playing to the college crowd. That didn't happen. Beinart instead seemed nervous and tight, though I admit, I don't know much about his normal demeanor, not being an NPR fan. It was Goldberg who seemed loose, dropping the forum's best lines.

Beinart started the event with the usual "we agree on most issues, just not the best way to resolve them" line. An obligatory statement attempting to show the parallels between the two competing views. But when he all-but blamed Bush for causing Katrina, he showed early desperation.

Jonah jumped on Pete's gaff by throwing the first punchline.
"Despite what others may think, if Al Gore or John Kerry were President, Katrina would have still hit New Orleans."

Then, to my surprise, the crowd erupted in laughter. Imagine, college students enjoying a conservative retort to leftist talking points about Katrina. I was proud of my fellow classmates.

The tone had been set and in this conservative's view, the audience received Goldberg much better than his friendly rival. Even the questioning by the audience had a right-of-center feel to it. Several questions about global warming and high fuel prices didn't follow a typical college-crowd line.

Instead, one attendee's question focused on high fuel taxes contributing to high energy prices instead of the paltry 8 cents per gallon profit oil companies make. While another (OK, I was holding the mic) questioned the motives of global warming alarmist and profiteer Al Gore, in the debate. Neither question raised a single syllable of protest from other audience members.

Seems funny to this writer, when there isn't much fanfare surrounding a forum or town hall type event, the debate appears a lot more genuine, not contrived or planned. No planted questions, no anti-war protests. Civil, respectful, and won by the better argument.

College campuses have long been know as liberal bastions. But today, on a suburban Philadelphia college campus, conservative views have audiences captivated.

April 16, 2008

Politics of Personal Destruction

Who is Mayhill Fowler?

Following Barack Obama's gun and bible clinching remarks, some donkeys chose to attack the source, rather than the ignorant candidate uttering the words. Why do the donkey's hate so much?

We choose say good work young lady, from an unofficial Captain in Operation Chaos.

April 14, 2008

'Inventing John McCain'

Hat tip to Dan Cirucci for a Boston Globe article about John McCain's speechwriter and author of five McCain books, Mark Salter.

Salter's responsibility, transform John McCain from the often gruff Maverick Republican into a moderately appealing Presidential candidate.

Finding subtle ways to expose the empty message of Hope and Change, Salter aims to pick apart the Messiah's rhetoric with precise language. Salter's plan is portray McCain as humble, an "imperfect servant", not full of himself like Obama appears. From the Globe Article...
"He has run entirely on his persona being different," Salter said after Obama's Super Tuesday victories in February. "It's important that we puncture that myth."

While it appears the MSM is caught up in the hysteria that is Barack Obama, those responsible for creating the message McCain will deliver, appear focused on reality.

'Limbaugh Republicans' with Hillary?

Hillary Clinton made an odd proclamation while going door-to-door in Chestnut Hill, yesterday. She stated, "a Rush Limbaugh Republican told me he is a supporter, because at 46, he finally realized he didn't have health care".

Hillary, following sniper-gate, should be more careful telling tall tales. Democrats are proud to boast about record-breaking registrations in the Keystone State, but to think she has convinced ditto-heads to vote for socialism is more than a stretch.

Of course it's possible she bumped into an covert agent of Operation Chaos.

April 11, 2008

Ben Stein's Expelled

Move over Michael Moore. There's another comedian with a documentary which won't get a whole lot of media attention. Why?

Because it challenges conventional wisdom; it challenges leftists world view; it challenges BIG SCIENCE.

First we had John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, taking issue with Al Gore's "settled science". Now Ferris Bueller's former teacher is challenging the educational establishment, who continue to stifle any debate which questions evolution theories.

We've been fed this evolutionary propaganda for years, finally there are folks tired of the attempts to silence its doubters.

Will the Abington School Board allow this movie to be shown on school grounds, now that political speech is the newest craze? Better yet, will Penn State Abington promote an airing of this film, as strongly as they did Inconvenient Truth?

Doubters and free-thinkers would be wise to organize opening day events at their local theater. It premiers next Friday, April 18th. Check this site for locations where Expelled is being shown in your home town.

April 9, 2008

Kats Fighting

Marina Kats, candidate for Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District, joined with Horsham residents in condemning Allyson Schwartz's recent flip flop about who should control the Willow Grove Airbase redevelopment. In a letter to the Intelligencer, Kats says Schwartz,

"...disregarded the local perspective and failed at a relatively basic function of her elected position: represent your constituents."

Kats says Schwartz signed onto a federal plan (backed by Jack our-soldiers-are-murderers Murtha) which gave sole control over the airbase to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This contradicts a local authority which Allyson enabled before supporting the federal plan.

Marina is showing a firm grip on reality regarding an important local issue to several suburban communities. Republicans in the 13th should feel a lot more confident in her ability to pick apart Schwartz. This race is just starting to heat up.

April 8, 2008

Garden Variety Socialism

Feeling a little run down? Got the sniffles, a headache, or a cough? I have a new remedy that's sure to help you feel much better. New Jersey and you are Perfect Together.

The New York Times reports the New Jersey Senate approved Governor Corzine's paid leave plan, moving the Garden State dangerously close to a socialistic hell.

The plan will guarantee 2/3 of your salary for up to 6 weeks if you or a family member is sick.

One bonus, Southeastern Pennsylvania may benefit from the increased demand for commercial real estate, as small and large companies flock west.

April 7, 2008

Allyson Feeling the Heat

Hat tip to pawatercooler for this video of a seemingly nervous Allyson Schwartz attempting to explain away her support of a state-commissioned plan for the Willow Grove Air Base.

Fast Eddie likes it because, according to this Morning Call article , the plan...
"is feasable and would be able to financially support itself"
Of course neither Rendell nor Schwartz have to live nearby and deal with the increased congestion it will cause.

God Bless You Moses

Words can't begin to describe my respect for Charlton Heston. In an age when second amendment rights were constantly under attack, Heston stood tall in its defense.

It seems curious to me, with all Heston accomplished, the focus of the MSM will be his involvement in evil conservative politics late in his life. Want proof?

Of course, most of us will remember him standing tall, ordering Red Sea to part, or with the Ten Commandments held firmly in his arms.

God Bless you Charlton Heston, say hi to Ronnie when you see him.

In a related story...

April 5, 2008

No "Can't do"

I often say to my two young children, "Don't tell me what you can't do". Whether tying their own shoe laces or learning to ride a bike, they struggle believing they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to.

While perusing the PA blogs, I found the latest McCain video. One particular line during this stunning video gave me goosebumps. While it's no secret I am not a McCain fan, this ad is tremendous!

I couldn't help but notice a Romney-like quality to this piece and wonder if perhaps talent between the two camps is being shared. If so, smart move.

Hat tip to SavetheGOP

Absolut Shame

As if I needed another reason not to purchase Absolut Vodka...

...but do not dismay, there's always a witty response

April 2, 2008

Watergate Conspiracist?

Hat tip to Pajamas Media for a story by Dan Calabrese about Hillary and her methods of operation. It's a fascinating look at the young Clinton and her unconstitutional attempts to deny an American citizen legal representation.

Clinton was fired by her supervisor, House Judiciary chief of staff Jerry Zeifman, a life-long Democrat, as a result of her behavior.

Surprised? Not I.

April 1, 2008

Daughter is Now a Democrat

You can imagine my surprise when I opened a letter addressed to my daughter from the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

She registered democrat in anticipation of a historic election season. What convinced her to do so? Michelle Obama's visit to Abington last month.

Apparently, her father's wisdom has fallen on deaf ears.