April 11, 2008

Ben Stein's Expelled

Move over Michael Moore. There's another comedian with a documentary which won't get a whole lot of media attention. Why?

Because it challenges conventional wisdom; it challenges leftists world view; it challenges BIG SCIENCE.

First we had John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, taking issue with Al Gore's "settled science". Now Ferris Bueller's former teacher is challenging the educational establishment, who continue to stifle any debate which questions evolution theories.

We've been fed this evolutionary propaganda for years, finally there are folks tired of the attempts to silence its doubters.

Will the Abington School Board allow this movie to be shown on school grounds, now that political speech is the newest craze? Better yet, will Penn State Abington promote an airing of this film, as strongly as they did Inconvenient Truth?

Doubters and free-thinkers would be wise to organize opening day events at their local theater. It premiers next Friday, April 18th. Check this site for locations where Expelled is being shown in your home town.


Troothful1 said...

Oh, for pity sakes, Ed. All living things evolve (except perhaps conservatives). The strongest do survive. However, evolution does not preclude it also working with the concepts of intelligent design. A powerful, intelligent, creative, organized force (some of us call God) put this universe together.

Everything is black or white in your world. What a shame. Is everything a conspiracy for you?

Regardless of my belief in the basic concepts of evolution, I look forward to seeing the movie, and I am sure that the media will give it lots of attention. Certainly the truth is more likely a combination of both ideas.

I hope the school district does encourage a showing. Students should be exposed to a variety of scientific theories. (A concept we crazed liberals support.)

page13 said...

I never said evolution doesn't play a role; I agree, the truth lies somewhere between.

Rather, it's darwinists who have used his "theory" in their attempts to discount the potential for a God, or any higher power.

It's scientific educators, the ACLU, and some leftist politicos who have vigorously fought to eliminate any reference to God, or even Intelligent Design, from public forums. You do remember the dust up in Dover, PA (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6470259/)?

To quote one scientific educator from the article, “We’re completely against anyone who says you should downgrade or limit the teaching of evolution,”

Conspiracy? Maybe, but I doubt it's part of a grand organized plan. Instead, enough intelligent people have bought into the premise and choose to marginalize anyone who doubts their rationale. They trivialize the opinions of those who disagree, much like Global Warming skeptics have been treated. Faith, is not an option in the scientific community; to some extent, rightly so.

That's the point of the film, to show the lengths BIG SCIENCE will go to silence critics. People who have not bought into darwinist theory have been threatened, in some cases fired from their jobs.

As someone who believes in a God, constant attempts to remove any reference to Him, and religion en total, from our schools, frustrates me.

If not for man's faith or belief in him, history (for better or worse) would be much different. For the historical value alone, religion should be included in our curriculum. For now however, I’ll settle for a balanced approach to teaching evolution.

Finally, why is it when conservatives raise questions on this issue, they are presumed to see the world in black and white? It's one of the ten-most-used-phrases-when-you-can’t–argue-with-their-point used by libs. It's a weak retort, especially for this specific post.

But I am glad to hear you will be watching. That's being consistent; something we share.

JB said...

Ed, you choose to believe in God. Lots of other intelligent people choose to believe in other higher powers, not under the name of God. So when you say you are frustrated by any attempts to remove reference to religion and God from schools, I think you need to expand that concept. Not every religion has a God, but every religion, just as you say, deserves to be understood for historical purposes.

The amount of blood shed over religion in the last couple thousand years is simply incomprehensible. Particularly to BIG SCIENCE since we believe that the universe and life on earth is much more complicated than lightening striking mud. Scientists believe in proof, fact, reason, logic. When Intelligent Design can be proven by scientific fact, then I look forward to hearing it. Perhaps we should take in this movie together and let the debate really fly :)

page13 said...

Deal JB