April 27, 2008

Good Sports Day

Flyers dominate the Canadiens for the second straight game as Marty Biron, with a little far post help, shines again. Phillies win against the hapless Pirates. Sixers are up 2-1 on the favored Pistons.

Andy Reid pulls a mini-coup trading down to get three draft picks from the Panthers, including a first round pick in 2009. Given his history with the opening round, it's not suprising Andy traded out for the second straight year. Given his history drafting talent, I'm not sure more picks were what the Birds need. Given his won/loss record, I'll cut him some slack.

But anyone who knows me well, understands my focus yesterday was clearly on South Florida. I moved to Philly from Orlando in '79. And just as Birds fans would never relinquish their devotion to the green (should be Kelly) and white, I will never abandon the Dolphins.

The Parcels/Sparano era is off to an impressive start and for the first time since Tom Olivadotti was named defensive coordinator (circa 1987), I have confidence in the Dolphins future. Their Respect the Code marketing plan tells you a little about the new attitude in Miami. Clearly, they get it.

The Fish took Jake Long (OT - Michigan) with the first pick. A 6'7" 315 mountain who will start immediately and open holes for Ronnie Brown. Miami went for defensive line help with Phil Merling (DE - Clemson), and added depth at quarterback with Long's teammate Chad Henne (QB - Michigan).

Merling signals Jason Taylor's time in a Dolphins uniform is about over. The fans hope he gets his shot to play for a contender. He'd look good in Philly.

Henne means an all-out fight for starting quarterback between himself, John Beck and Josh McKown will be worth watching. But the Dolphins still need wideouts to catch the ball. I have a feeling the top brass is aware.

Here's coverage of the top pick's selection. Note the stinkin' Jets losers reaction.

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