April 29, 2008

Hole Digging

Rule #1, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Advice apparently lost on Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Yesterday was the National Press Club's annual meeting. During a Q&A session, Wright was asked about his comments which have received so much publicity. Instead of answering, he chose to chide the questioner by sarcastically asking, "Did you hear the whole sermon?" (I've heard that question before).

Wright went on to claim the question was somehow irrelevant since the one who asked didn't actually see the entire sermon. Never mind those of us have seen and want answers.

Then Wright says he will try to answer, "...without sounding bombastic". However, Jeremiah - whose body language clearly shows he feels above having to answer such a question - proceeds to do exactly what he claimed he wouldn't, answer indignantly.

To round out the first minute of this clip, Wright starts and the Press Club attendees finish well-known Bible verses.

My first impression of this exchange was how willing the press is to get roped into Wright's rhetoric. Can't you just feel the love? My second...since when does the press acknowledge any intellect on issues of faith?

I don't really need to see the other 8 minutes of ignorance to understand where this is leading. Wright is a part of the blame America first crowd. We have nothing to be proud of, nothing worth celebrating. Our past mistakes don't give us any right to appreciate what we have accomplished.

Included in our achievements, allowing such hate-filled speech to flourish. Wright is right about one thing...America's Chicken, is coming home to roost.

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