July 30, 2008

Battle of the Headlines

Over the past several weeks, Glenn Beck has been doing a little compare and contrast of headlines for both John McCain and Barack Obama.

Although blatent stealing of content, I think its important to re-amplify the bias that exists, especially if you just read headlines.

So let's take a look at some random headlines over the last few days and see if you can pick the winner...

First, Mr. Obama
Obama: Progress in red states
Obama's convention crowd: Biggest phone bank ever - AP
CNN Poll: Obama Up 7
NYT: Obama tested ideas in classroom

Now, Mr. McCain
Analysis: Details sometimes fall away as McCain campaigns (AP)
McCain backs affirmative-action ban
The American Debate: If Iraq has sided with Obama, how will McCain spin his spin?

July 29, 2008

Barack's Ten Commandments

No Messiah is complete without a list of instructions thou shall and shall not do. So here's my version of Obama's Ten Commandments.

1. I am the Messiah, thou shall never doubt my motives or ask tough questions at any time. (As Katie found out 8:30 into this interview last week)
2. Thou shall not question my campaign when we create our own graven image - uh Presidential Seal
3. Thou shall not take my middle name in vein, or mention it at any time
4. Remember to keep Holy the Sabbath - no matter what your insane preacher is saying from the pulpit
5. Honor thy Father and Mother - but if Grandma is a typical white person, feel free to throw her under the bus
6. Thou shall not kill, even if the terrorist is square in your sights
7. Thou shall committ adultery - do you hear me John Edwards?
8. Thou shall not steal - unless you are stealing Bono's inspirational words from a rock concert. (You may be saying huh? Here's what I am refering to)
9. Thou shall not bear false witness (flip-flop) on abortion, guns, or Iraq
10. Thou shall not covet - or in others words, assume you have won the Presidency already.

July 27, 2008

It's a Start

HT to PAWaterCooler about a story from PolitickerPA.com which indicates newly-elected Montco GOP Chairman Bob Kerns may being making the first step towards healing the divide between Jim Matthews and Bruce Castor.

Although Kerns states it up to Matthews to find ways to work with Castor, the fact that he is interested in "...bringing him (Matthews) back" is an encouraging sign.

There's a long way to go before this is settled, but kudos to Kerns for taking a very small, but important, first step.

July 26, 2008

Off the Record

Last week I told you about a television show I was appearing in called Off the Record, a monthly program which will air during Abington News and Views (Channel 66 - Comcast Willow Grove).

In part one of the pilot episode, Montgomery News columnist Ted Taylor, show host Martin Katz, and I cover the Presidential race and immigration...

Part two Montgomery County and issues closer to home...

Part three is all Abington...

Abington News and Views can be seen Friday nights at 7pm, with replays Sunday at 3pm, as well as Monday through Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Tom Kirk and his wife Karen do a terrific job promoting local events throughout Eastern Montgomery County.

If in or near Abington, make sure you check out future Off the Record episodes.

July 24, 2008

A Community Effort

Sometimes, politicians from both sides of the isle find ways to work together to improve their community. Such is the case in Abington as a bi-partisan effort is underway to improve the Old York Road Corridor - that stretch of 611 between Jenkintown and route 63.

Last night, approximately a hundred residents attended a town hall meeting given by members of the redevelopment committee. The gathering was intended to educate the public about the group's vision for this stretch of roadway which is often by-passed at a high rate of speed by motorists who use it daily.

It's still early in the process as it's estimated the project will take 10-20 years to complete. However, this meeting was aimed at putting a vision behind the Township's Comprehensive plan to improve the corridor.

The early reviews between several of the meeting's attendants were mixed. Some saw little chance of certain aspects of the plan ever coming to fruition. One particular business owner commented that getting all the separate interested parties to agree on the plan would be a hurdle not easily overcome.

Still others, including myself, like the idea of creating a concept by which future development can be guided. Planning takes just that - planning.

Ten million has been granted to the project so far thanks to State Representative Josh Shapiro. Though just a drop in the bucket for the overall concept to be realized (I heard a figure of $300 million in total), the money should cover most of the curbing and landscaping improvements.

Abington Commissioners from both sides of the aisle, members of both Montgomery County and Abington's Planning Commission, Penn State Abington's Chancellor , Abington Township staff, as well as the Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce are participating on the committee.

Now one year into the concept, the early signs are encouraging. For further information see the Old York Road Corridor Improvement website. I'll keep you posted as further developments warrant.

July 23, 2008

Poll Watch

According to today's Rasmussen Report, Barack Obama holds a 3% lead over John McCain.

It's interesting to compare the numbers to the same period in 2004, where John Kerry held a similar 3 point advantage. Unfortunately for Kerry, that was as good as it got as he peaked a couple weeks later.

The good news for Obama, his convention performance will certainly top the '04 disaster (who can forget the '...reporting for duty' dud?) and will provide Barry a bounce Kerry never enjoyed.

The bad news or Democrats? At this point in 2004, 93% (give or take according to Rasmussen) were firm in their support for their chosen candidate. This year, only 87% are solidly behind their choice.

If you read between the lines, Barry has not captured the mainstream, despite a growing perception that the media is in the tank for The Chosen One.

More bad news for Democrats; doom and gloom reporting by the MSM about Iraq and the economy is seen as over-stated by more than half of the audience. This includes both the voting and non-voting publics. Translate that into higher numbers for those who pay attention and vote.

July 22, 2008

Pregunta Excelente

Mark Krikorian raises an interesting issue at The Corner, National Review Online's blogging section, regarding Mexico's highest honor being bestowed upon a United States Senator for his work on immigration.

Well done Senator! I'm just wondering when you will start working for your constituents, instead of our friends south of the border.

July 18, 2008

Game, Set, Match

We now take you to Colorado for a story about a United States Senate race where the Republican clearly gets it. Best yet, he knows how to dish it out.

HT to blogger NightTwister, and RedState.com.

There's something quite satisfying in watching the left get their own words handed to them.

July 16, 2008

Television Debut

Last night I joined Ted Taylor, columnist for the Times Chronicle and Glenside News, for the taping of a new series entitled Off the Record. Hosted by Martin Katz, Off the Record will air during Abington News and Views, a local weekly series covering events in Eastern Montgomery County.

We discussed a wide range of political topics from the Presidential election to issues specific to Abington. Though Ted and I have differed on issues in the past, the mood was light and non-combative.

As one who's not used to being in front of the camera (everyone has a first time), it's not easy for me to judge my performance until I see the final product. The one issue I struggled with was real estate property taxes; I'm not even sure I bought my own opinion on that one.

The Dems in Abington have already start complaining about equal time, so we can expect them to be joining us in future episodes. I look forward to the challenge.

Many thanks to Tom Kirk - cameraman, editor, and producer of Abington News and Views - for the invitation. The pilot episode of Off the Record will air July 25th at 7pm on Comcast Willow Grove's channel 66.

July 14, 2008

Abington - Best Place to Live

My home town Abington is one of Money Magazine's 100 Best Places to Live, coming in 21st overall.

They credit Abington's schools, parks like the Briar Bush Nature Center, and the Keswick Theater as some of the reasons our town is one of the best. Include our first-class Abington Hospital, Penn State Abington, and Glenside's Fourth of July celebration and you see why Abington residents love it here.

Thanks to FOX 29 for spreading the word.

July 13, 2008

We Loved Snow Days

Tony Snow passed away yesterday at the age of 53. He left this earth with the same grace he showed us throughout his accomplished life.

A news anchor, messenger for Presidents, talk radio host, and talented musician who never allowed his emotion on issues force him into nasty dialog. Always measured and inspirational, Snow's political commentary was intelligent and logical.

He was an unofficial leader of the conservative movement of the mid-nineties as the first host of FOX News Sunday, years before the FOX News Channel was created. Snow quickly became a favorite for conservatives like myself.

He was the only replacement host for Rush Limbaugh, who didn't leave listeners feeling like the backup was at the golden mic.

My favorite Snow moments came every 9:55am on Sunday mornings, during his closing remarks at the end of every FNS broadcast. It was in this commentary when Tony stood above the bickering of the day, providing his audience a perspective which was both reasoned and thoughtful.

My bride isn't as politically interested as I am, but she paused and teared up when she heard the news. This was the impact of Tony Snow. He touched those beyond the political hard-core.

God Bless you Tony Snow.

July 11, 2008

American Pride

A recent Rasmussen Report survey shows most Americans are proud of their country.

In the pre-4th of July survey, sixty four (64) percent say other nations would be wise to become more like the United States. Whites and Republicans (84/91%) are much more positive in their attitudes toward American history than African-Americans (44%)and Democrats (64%) are when considering this country as a role model for the world.

It seems Senator Phil Gramm may have overstated the issue when he called the U.S. a nation of whiners. Republicans (72%) believe America is the land of liberty and justice for all, while Dems (29%) see our country this way.

As these poll suggests, the whining Gramm talks of is clearly concentrated on one side of the aisle.

July 6, 2008

'Yellowcake' Removed from Iraq?

A stunning story from AP, and amazingly reported at ABC.com, WMDs did exist in Iraq after all.

Let's see now, for those of you keeping score at home, and if I am following the leftist's talking points completely...

The Iraq war is now justified
Bush didn't lie
Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson did
Scooter Libby (wait, I mean Richard Armitage) can be forgiven

Of course the irony is that this IS news to the MSM.

Obama Moving Right?

It must be general election season. As shown by this ABC report from Jan Crawford Greenburg, albeit in blog form, the MSM is starting to notice Barack Obama embracing his own concept of Change.

Several policy shifts, starting with his flip on public campaign funding, have Barry looking like another run of the mill politician.

The report points out that the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee has broken with liberal Supreme Court justices on two major issues - abortion and guns.

Likewise, Obama has been "refining" his position on the Democrat's cornerstone issue, Iraq, ever since Bush started giving the top two Democratic primary candidates insights into the real picture there. This revelation came courtesy of a book by Bill Sammon, The Evangelical President, in late 2007.

At the time, a Bush spokesman stated the President's motivation for doing so was to enlighten his potential successor, so they'd have a clear understanding of the situation. Additionally, Bush thought it might help keep his replacement from foot-in-mouth-disease while in the Oval Office, because of something irresponsible said on the campaign trail. A fact given little main stream media attention.

Now, as pointed out by Tom Baldwin for The Times Online, Barack is talking less of troop withdrawal and more about whether "conditions are still holding" for such need.

How badly will Obama's shift on issues like Iraq, guns, and abortion hurt him with his far-left base? Better yet, how badly will the weakness of his convictions hurt him with the voting public?

July 2, 2008

Declaration of Independence

Since 2002, the NFL and FOX Sports have produced a moving reading of the Declaration of Independence by, among others, NFL players and coaches.

Broadcast just prior to the start of the Super Bowl each year FOX does the show, it has become a brilliant tribute to the document which turned 232 years old today.