July 23, 2008

Poll Watch

According to today's Rasmussen Report, Barack Obama holds a 3% lead over John McCain.

It's interesting to compare the numbers to the same period in 2004, where John Kerry held a similar 3 point advantage. Unfortunately for Kerry, that was as good as it got as he peaked a couple weeks later.

The good news for Obama, his convention performance will certainly top the '04 disaster (who can forget the '...reporting for duty' dud?) and will provide Barry a bounce Kerry never enjoyed.

The bad news or Democrats? At this point in 2004, 93% (give or take according to Rasmussen) were firm in their support for their chosen candidate. This year, only 87% are solidly behind their choice.

If you read between the lines, Barry has not captured the mainstream, despite a growing perception that the media is in the tank for The Chosen One.

More bad news for Democrats; doom and gloom reporting by the MSM about Iraq and the economy is seen as over-stated by more than half of the audience. This includes both the voting and non-voting publics. Translate that into higher numbers for those who pay attention and vote.

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