July 30, 2008

Battle of the Headlines

Over the past several weeks, Glenn Beck has been doing a little compare and contrast of headlines for both John McCain and Barack Obama.

Although blatent stealing of content, I think its important to re-amplify the bias that exists, especially if you just read headlines.

So let's take a look at some random headlines over the last few days and see if you can pick the winner...

First, Mr. Obama
Obama: Progress in red states
Obama's convention crowd: Biggest phone bank ever - AP
CNN Poll: Obama Up 7
NYT: Obama tested ideas in classroom

Now, Mr. McCain
Analysis: Details sometimes fall away as McCain campaigns (AP)
McCain backs affirmative-action ban
The American Debate: If Iraq has sided with Obama, how will McCain spin his spin?


Gerald M. Millner said...

The American media as a whole is an abysmal and absolute joke; the media’s recondite claim that Senator Barack Obama garners more news coverage is nothing less than sheer political bigotry and campaign sabotage. Why? Because, ostensibly Obama commands more news coverage (policy, charisma and nuance), and maybe that breakdown of coverage is Obama 60% and McCain 40%. But the media neglects to quantify the breakdown of those media coverage numbers.
To quantify, the breakdown of those media coverage percentages closely mirrors the following: Obama’s 60% media coverage is representative of 70% negative media coverage and 30% positive media coverage, compared with McCain’s 40% media coverage that is representative of 80% positive media coverage and 20% negative media coverage. Thus, the media feigns media coverage advantages for Obama, while, simultaneously undermining his campaign via overwhelmingly negative media coverage.

The media coverage is biased against Obama and most people know it; shame on the media, McCain, and all others who bemoan the coverage, while, not revealing the fact of the inherent biasness relative to that coverage. This propagates supposition, innuendo, and misrepresentations that further distract from Obama’s message; concomitantly, it sways and secures votes for the McCain campaign. Only in America could the media perpetrate the fraud of more media coverage for Obama, while, clandestinely tanking his chances of leveraging his intellectual and politically superiority to John McCain.

Per exemplar, the majority of the media pundits, lecturers and commentators demonstrated total and complete ineptness in disseminating the ostensible and inherent advantages from the speech Obama delivered in Berlin, Germany. Bush mostly garners protesters when he’s abroad in Europe, and for the media not to understand the ramifications of a possible future President Obama having a chance at restoring America’s image abroad, is simply intolerable. The media mostly spun a precedent setting and historic event (Obama’s speech in Germany) into asinine, negative political speculation and melancholy; while, simultaneously stating that Obama commands or gets most of the media coverage; again, Obama’s media coverage is seldom totally positive!

Respectfully Submitted

Anonymous said...

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