October 29, 2011

Sadly, Shapiro Hasn't Learned a Thing

A new television ad by the Josh Shapiro/Leslie Richards campaign is taking an old yet familiar tone and, sadly, indicates a pattern of sophomoric behavior by the Montgomery County Democrats which they feel will score points with voters marginally paying attention.

In their latest ad, the Democratic Party duo falsely claim one of the GOP candidates met with the Tea Party. False not because it didn't happen, it did. But rather because they claim she was the only one to do so.

Problem - Shapiro met with the Tea Party too, at his request, last Fall when he was a candidate for State Representative. I know this because I facilitated the forum and invited both candidates (Shapiro and Tom Bogar) to attend. And both of them did.

Perhaps more disturbing however, is the tone the Shapiro/Richards ad takes toward those of us related to the Tea Party. It suggests there is something wrong with citizens standing up to the ruling class of both parties or any one candidate listening to the concerns of regular folks.

This isn't the first time...

- Last spring, at the annual Abington Rockledge Democratic Committee luncheon, current Montgomery County Commissioner and former Gubernatorial Candidate, Joe Hoeffel, called those of us in the movement "lunatics, wackos".  (Video here: 2:40 mark)

- Earlier this year, ARDC Chairman Michael Barbiero referred to me, on this website, as "leader of the local teabaggers", a vulgar reference Mr. Barbiero has yet to back away from or apologize for.

In Hoeffel's case it was no slip of the tongue. His speech was specifically geared at how the Democrat left can defeat the Tea Party. He stated clearly, to beat the Tea Party you must call them names, you must ridicule and mock them. 

So, it's no accident Shapiro is taking the same path - it's very intentional.

The group I represent, Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots - Eastern Montco, will not endorse or officially support any one candidate. However, individual members are free to support whomever they choose.

So you won't see our group openly supporting Shapiro's opposition. Still, he seems perfectly comfortable taking pot shots at us, falsely, to win a few votes.

Sadly, Shapiro and the Democrats just can't seem to learn the lesson from of the 2010 election. We are not astroturf, not to be taken lightly, and refuse to allow the ruling class to get away with their attempts to paint us - not them - as the problem.

Continue to name-call and mock if you must. You only strengthen our resolve.