March 30, 2008

Democrat Shirts

The product of MSM news, public education, Keith Olbermann, and liberal parenting, all wrapped up in one website...

I'm sure their folks are proud.


The Gulotta story was worthy of comments, but no headlines.

Welcome to the Party Pal

On March 7th, Michael Gulotta sent a letter to the editor of The Reporter (the second letter in the link) to inform the public of a lawsuit filed against him by a Republican committeewoman.

One question I have. Why did none of the Top 5 PA Bloogers, especially those interested in Montco happenings, have this story appear on their radar? The letter to the editor was submitted three weeks ago.

All GOP committee persons were informed of this issue via a letter from Gulotta, with a copy of the front page of the lawsuit, and a copy of the letter to the editor. One opinion of the issue is here.

March 26, 2008

Convention-Al Wisdom?

What if neither Hillary nor Barack secure enough delegates before the convention?

Will a settlement be reached? Will pretty-boy John Edwards, and his 61 delegates broker a deal? Will either side accept not being on top of the ticket?

According to at least one super-democrat-delegate, the possibility of another solution exists. If the donkeys go down this road, then the chaos we see now is only the beginning.

The former next President of the United States (and global warming propagandist/profiteer) Al Gore, is being considered one potential solution to the donkey's conventional mess.

Can you imagine the outcry from democrat ranks with this solution? Can you imagine the GOP bumper sticker possibilities?

Selected, not elected - Gore 2008
Democrats - knowing what's best for you since before you were born
Choice, reserved for super-delegates
Gore, the choice of no generation
Gore, the other white meat
Gore, just a typical white guy

March 25, 2008

Abington School Board Update

I attended tonight's Abington School Board meeting to express my opinion about their actions in person.

First, given the way I picked apart their actions two weeks ago, they were measured in their reaction, with one slight exception.

Second, apparently the event Bush attended in 2000 was a little more than first described here.

According to a plaque given to the High School by President Bush and one of two Philadelphia Inquirer articles about the visit, the event was more than just 12 students in the library. Additionally, Ray McGarry made sure to emphatically point out a banner (from a picture with the Inquirer article) was present during the event. I stand corrected.

However, the report in the Times Chronicle I referenced differs on the numbers who attended. While they mentioned the 12 panelists who were present, they made no mention of others, and no mention of a banner. But as Robert Zousner's Inquirer article about the event pointed out...
Offering proposals that were alternately tough and caring, Bush assured a receptive audience of about 100 packed into the school library that he had no interest in becoming a "federal superintendent" of schools, and that he preferred to have ideas and programs "bubble up" from the local level.

Still, whether 12 or 100, the library event was not a rally. And while Mr. McGarry stated Bush spent most of his time talking about campaign-related issues that day, there is no evidence in the three articles to support his claim. In fact, the Inquirer's Margie Fishman's April 5th, 2000 article states...
Bush took about 10 minutes at the start of the forum to reassert his education platform: Likening low expectations to "soft bigotry," he called for more equity, accountability and values in education - ideas, he said, that helped boost student performance in Texas.

When asked, neither Mr. McGarry nor Ms. Sichel seemed to know whether a temporary suspension of the policy was given to allow for the 2000 visit. They also seemed to believe the school board was never informed of the event. I find that difficult to swallow, but I'll cut both of them slack until I hear otherwise.

The new policy is what it is for the remainder of this election cycle. I made my point and stand by my conclusions. The letter sent home to parents announcing the event touted the visit as recognition of Abington's achievements. However, as evidence shows here, it was just an excuse used to cover for a political rally.

March 24, 2008

Major Policy Dud

Poor Hillary can't catch a break.

After Obama dominated last week's news, Clinton may have thought the country was ready to hear from her again. Hillary's major policy speech on the economy should have been refreshing, uplifting, and well covered, right? After all, the topic was focused on the economy, stupid.

But timing is everything. While she didn't do herself any favors by scheduling a speech at Montco Community College later in the day, to talk about "women's issues", double dipping on policy wasn't her biggest problem.

The 4,000th soldier deaths in Iraq, a story the MSM just couldn't wait to pounce on, overshadowed the major policy speech on the economy. Then Detroit's Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, completed the Democratic hat trick for sex scandals this month, later in the day.

Perhaps it's best for Clinton Inc. her message(s) came and went without much fanfare. The more the American people hear, the less impressed they'd become.

By the way, 4,000 in Iraq (plus 498 in Afghanistan and the Philippines) in 5 years verses...
(All theater and non-theater deaths - source)
116,000 in WWI
405,000 in WWII
29,000 D-Day Invasion alone
54,000 in Korea
90,000 in Vietnam
1,900 in 1st Gulf War

Operation Chaos Working

Up front, this is Limbaugh's plan. So props to Maha Rushie.

For those of you who don't know what I am referring to, here's a brief summary.

It started in Texas, when callers to Rush's show suggested they were going to switch parties to vote against Hillary; putting the then-assumed final nail in her primary coffin.

Rush dropped the suggestion that keeping Hillary in the race would be a better idea. He felt it was to GOP's advantage to keep the self-assumed-heir to the White House throne alive. The ensuing battle between the two democrat camps would be entertaining to watch, if nothing else.

The next phase was to point out an underlying issue within the democrat party. Clinton Inc., who always championed themselves as the party for African Americans, would never let their goal to re-capture the White House be interupted by anyone, let alone a Jonny-come-lately.

What's followed couldn't have been planned, so in that respect Rush didn't craft the details of operation chaos. No, democrats instead created the chaos themselves.

First, they tinkered with the idea of changing their own primary rules after it became clear Clinton couldn't mathematically win. They've chosen instead to leave 2 mojor states delegates out in the cold, hoping they will forget come November.

Then came Reverened Wright and Obama's suddenly-awkward response to his ridiculous statements. Some in the MSM would like us to believe Barack gave a King-like speech last week, but voters nationwide were not moved.

Now we are back to the super-democrat-delegates picking their candidate, never mind what the voters want. Can someone say selected, not elected?

After 3 weeks in the spotlight, Pennsylvania is helping to mold the national picture. Since the Democrat version of Keystone Cops arrived in Pennsylvania, John McCain is suddenly leading both Clinton and Obama in the polls.

Sure, registration numbers for democrats in the Keystone State are surging. But the view in the rest of the country is souring on the party of change. The donkey's don't need to win PA, this state is blue already. It's the 2004 red states where they need to make inroads, and so far, they're not doing a good job.

From Pastor Disaster, to disenfranchisement, to a lack of accomplishments by either candidate, democrats have got themselves in a pickle. Do you think they will ever notice? Shhh, I'm not telling them.

March 23, 2008

Ukrainian Easter

During the early part of the twentieth century, in old Philadelphia, before Rocky and FDR, the Ukrainian community was strong and vibrant.

Located where Fairmount meets Northern Liberties, the gold-domed Ukrainian Cathedral stands as a shining reminder of what once was.

Every year I take my, now 88 year old grandmother, and my two young children to visit the old cathedral (built in the early sixties) to celebrate one event that brings generations, young and old back - the annual blessing of Easter baskets on Holy Saturday.

In the old community center that stands next to the Cathedral, in the gymnasium, tables encircle the room. Families place their baskets filled with kielbasa, perogies, paska, babka, farmers cheese, horseradish, and colorful eggs, on the tables. They light candles, sing Ukrainian songs celebrating the risen Christ, while the Monsignor sprays the crowd with Holy water and prayer.

The Monsignor spoke briefly yesterday. He welcomed us all back, then chastised us for only appearing once a year. We chuckled and nodded, each of us feeling guilty that we ignore the old neighborhood, except for this lone annual event.

Pope John Paul II knew of the strength of this community when he chose it as one of three locations he visited during his 1979 tour of Philadelphia. Crowds outside the Cathedral that day chanted "John Paul Two, we love you." John Paul, always the charmer, answered back to the faithful, "John Paul II, loves you too."

The neighborhood is going through a slow re-birth. The Ukrainian/Polish/Russian/Slovak homes that long ago had deteriorated, are being replaced with expensive two bedroom condos in one block, and single-family twins with white-picket fences and small grassy front yards, in another.

The old school is now a police station, while the dual 8(?) story retirement apartment buildings, one block north of the Cathedral, are sparsely scattered with the few remaining church members of the World War II generation.

The rest of us have scattered to other locations, mostly suburban. In Huntington Valley, on the east side of Abington, is a strong Ukrainian community, while in Hatfield, the Polish Gourmet sells all the traditional eastern European delicacies.

Easter, for this humble Ukie, is the one time of year when my connection to the old-world feels its strongest. I should reach back more often.

Happy Easter ... or Chrystos Voskres (Christ has Risen)

March 20, 2008

Sacrificial Lamb

Ron Holt, who seems to be the GOP-has-no-one-else-to-run candidate in Abington, has been talking with John Prezel about organizing a write-in campaign for the 153rd State House race against Josh Shapiro.

Ron has been candidate for State Senate in each of the last 2 election cycles, only to be trounced by Leanna Washington in a district where he has no legitimate shot at winning.

Prezel is clearly frustrated by the impact of Shapiro. Josh was able to orchestrate Denny O'Brien's ascension to speaker, knowing he'd actually own the position. But Prezel wants to keep Josh busy, never mind what it does to an already-weak GOP brand in southern Montgomery County.

This desperate move by Prezel shows a lack of vision. Holt may think falling on the sword for John is a swell idea, but is also failing to see the big picture here. This move doesn't help improve the GOP brand.

Committeepeople in Abington would be wise not let their frustration force them into a bad idea; write-in campaigns waste energy and time. If Holt does get on the ballot, resources are drawn away from the Marina Kats campaign against Allyson Schwartz; a race that will be tighter than some people think.

John Prezel would be better-suited to find a more savvy way to defeat Josh, but when the best idea you have is to run sacrificial lambs, with write-in campaigns, you've clearly lost your edge.

March 19, 2008

Abington Changes - part 3

Here's video of the Abington School Board action. The raw footage was more than 35 minutes long.

One note. A comment on a prior post asked why I failed to mention then-candidate Bush's April 2000 visit. Several board members refer to the event as well. Bush's visit is their justification for the change in policy. They would like us to believe the 2000 event is equal to last Thursday's.

However, if you read this article from the local paper, you'll see there is simply no comparison between Bush's visit and Obama's rally. Apparently, the talking points were widely distributed in anticipation of any protests.

March 16, 2008

Abington Changes - part 2

As promised, here's video of the Michelle Obama event at Abington High School. The video is the original broadcast of Abington News and Views, as it appeared on Channel 66 (Comcast Willow Grove).
White text overlaid is editorial commentary

Just 48 hours before the event, this type of politicking was not allowed on school grounds by Abington School District policy.

Thanks to the Abington School Board, video tomorrow, it now is...

March 14, 2008

Abington Changes

Michele Obama came to Abington High School yesterday to (uh hem) congratulate the township for being recognized as one of America's Best 100 Communities for Young People, by Colin Powell's America's Promise. This is the third consecutive year Abington has received the award, the only community in Pennsylvania to receive such an honor.

Problem. During her 50-minute speech, only 30 seconds of pre-written text were devoted to the honor. The rest was nothing short of a blatant politicking.

So what? Free speech is free speech right?

Normally, I would agree. However, until 48 hours prior to the event, politicking on Abington School District property was against it's own policy.

So what changed? Several events.

First, was the re-election of 4 school board members in 2005. Ray McGarry, Jeffery Bates, Barry Stupine, and Jo Blumenthal were all running as republicans. Their victory gave republicans a 6-3 majority. Then during the 2007 election year, 3 of those republicans changed their party affiliation; with Blumenthal remaining loyal to the party that supported her.

The change gave democrats a majority and as payback, McGarry was elevated to chairman. Two additional vacancies on the board were filled by, you guessed it, more democrats.

The changes did not come as a result of the ballot box. No, a power grab was the only reason for the switch. After a sweep in 2007, for re-election of 5 democrat board members, left the balance of power at 7 Democrats, 1 Republican, and Bates as an Independent.

Finally, less than 2 months after being sworn in, the board voted 6-1 to "temporarily suspend" (or change) the politicking regulations, to allow for Ms. Obama's rally. Two members were absent.

Voter registration tables were set up, campaign buttons and volunteer sign-up sheets were distributed, while a large Obama banner was nestled comfortably between 2 Abington School District banners. This obviously begs the question, is Abington's school district officially endorsing Obama?

During the school board meeting, township liason duo Barry Stupine and Michele Tinsman spoke about their desire to promote, via agressive marketing, Abington Township's 100 Best achievement. The honor which they want everyone to believe they earned. Unfortunately, when given the opportunity, the district was sold out to political agendas.

Thanks to the new Abington School Board, school grounds are open for propaganda. McCain's campaign would be wise to consider the newly-built football stadium as a backdrop in late October.

Is this the kind of change democrats have in mind?

Photo courtesy of Montgomery News. Video of the rally and the school board vote will follow shortly.

Interesting side note from this ludicrous event was Fast-Eddie Rendell's wing-man Josh Shapiro (State Representative 153rd district) appearing on stage to help rile up the crowd.

Ed's a known Clinton supporter and may not appreciate Josh's role here. The rising star of Pennsylvania politics Shapiro, better be careful not to upset the establishment.

March 10, 2008

Anti-Christ Truth

Here we go again. This time Glenn Beck is the target of another Media Matters (Clinton founded) hack job.

To see proof of how you are being duped by liberal bloggers and the main stream media (including MSNBC and the New York Times), and the lengths they will go to discredit conservatives, just watch this video.

For more proof, see page13news archives from September 29th, 2007 here

March 9, 2008

Selected Not Elected

Remember the outrage of leftists following the 2000 election when electoral votes gave the Oval Office to Bush, despite losing the popular vote?

Sidebar - once upon a time, and occasionally still, they cried about how the Supreme Court gave Bush the office, not the American people. Until they couldn't find a single independent study to prove Gore won Florida's popular vote.

The Democrat primaries have failed to provide a clear winner. Each side claims their candidate is more deserving than the other. Obama followed the rules and has both the popular vote and delegate lead. Hillary has the big momentum and super-delegates to fall back on.

It's an interesting quandary for the Democrat party. The rules established before the primaries began prohibited Florida and Michigan from moving their primary dates forward. When they did it anyway, leaders (Clinton lead at the time) chose to punish those states by stating their delegates wouldn't be recognized at the convention.

The Clinton machine never saw the possibility of Obama making this race competitive, so they thought they had nothing to lose. Hillary after all, was supposed to have this thing wrapped up by this point.

Now that she failed to secure the nomination, it's the Clinton camp arguing to count those two states while Obama is claiming (much like Republicans did in 2000) you can't change the rules after the results have been determined.

Florida and Michigan voters are saying, "hey, we count too". If the Democrats disenfranchise those voters, it can't possibly help their chances come November; two states they desperately need.

Younger voters who signed on for the Obama campaign, only to see it stolen right out from under them, will not be enthused about being denied their wish. Older voters with an ability to recognize socialism when they see it, will not hop on the Obama bandwagon and will turn to the more moderate-appearing McCain. A bonus for McCain are the veterans, who unlike their younger counterparts are reliable on election day.

Finally, Democrat voters are being shown their party for what it is. They are both hopeless agents for change, and lawyer-istic bullies who manipulate rules to gain what they want. Democrats are getting a good dose of what Republicans have been saying for years.

Seems funny to me, every time Presidential elections get complicated, Florida is somehow involved.

March 8, 2008

Circus is in Town

Six weeks until the Pennsylvania Primary. Six weeks of razzle-dazzle, smoke and mirrors, Obama rally fainting spells, Clinton "Monster" machine tactics, and of course, cries (literally) of CHANGE.

Republicans are weary of the anticipated swing of newly registered democratic voters over the final two weeks before the March deadline. A good number of the registrants will be due to the excitement of the moment that will capture the youth. However, others will be repeating what happened in Texas, where republicans lined up at the opportunity to put the final nail in the Clinton coffin.

Committeepeople in the Philly burbs are aware of this and have plans to counter the switch. The trio of Manion, Gerlach, and Kats give conservatives cool to McCain, somewhere to focus their attention.

Whether Hillary or Barack, the left represents a return to socialism and retreat from the war. If Hillary wins, the youth in the democrat party will feel robbed. Her negatives will also help GOP registration efforts. If Barack wins, he has to rely on the unreliable youth to show up, unlike they did for McGovern in 1968, the last time the youth were supposed to make an impact.

Republicans will have their own opportunity to increase registrations after the primary is over. Can they get their act together and capitalize?

March 6, 2008


John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, is one of many meteorologists and scientists who are skeptical of Al Gore and others claims' the "science" of global warming is settled.

How skeptical are these experts? How does a lawsuit against Gore for financial fraud because he sells carbon credits as a solution to Global Warming sound?

A recent decision by a UK court found nine serious errors in Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Though the court did not stop the government's attempt to show the film in over 3,500 secondary schools, it ordered that it must be shown with "guidance points" so as to prevent political indoctrination.

Coleman won't say whether he will pursue a lawsuit, but does question Gore's motive. Last November, he referred to the Global Warming hysteria as the "Greatest Scam in History".

Yesterday marked the end of a three-day conference (though it was held in mid-town Manhattan it recieved NO media play) by over 200 climate experts who have serious doubts about the claims made by alarmists.

Let's see. In the first attempt to support their claims in court, Gore's team had to admit 9 serious flaws in his argument. It's funny how facts get in the way of inconvenient truths.

See the trailer of Snowjob here

March 3, 2008

Ward's of the State

Leave it up to the People's Republic of New Jersey, at a time I thought Governor Corzine was trying to cut expenses, to find a new way to make the public reliant on the government.

Six weeks of paid leave, PAID leave. It started out as a promise by the government to protect individuals from losing their job, should an extended illness by themselves or a family member cause them to miss significant time from work. Since, predictably, few people can survive without income during times like these, our caring politicians mount their white horses to save the day.

The bill, which the Gov promises to sign, will promise that our leaders will pay for up to six weeks leave, so individuals can care for sick family members. It will increase taxes, duh, but according to the union bosses, what a bargain...

"For $33 a year, this is the best social insurance program that money could buy," says Charles Wowkanech, president of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO.

No, nothing "social"ist about that concept.

I wonder what the politicians will give away next. They already promise food, money for shelter, and free education. If you still can't find success, they promise to pay for your health care or bail you out of a bad loan decision. If all that "help" still doesn't guarantee your happiness, no worries, they'll pay for your retirement and all the drugs you want as well.

One question - why stop at six weeks? It's simply not fair that the poorest amongst us have to work 46 weeks (minus vacation and personal time of course) to get paid for the 6 they need off to care for sick family members.

At a time when Jersey is leaking jobs like a bullet-riddled snitch, is this a solution to the Garden State's problems?

March 1, 2008

Penny Protest

Kids these days, I tell ya.

Actually, it seems there's hope for future generations. The unique plan by Readington, NJ middle-school students shows original thinking can flourish despite an overly uptight school administration and staff.

Protesting a decision to shorten their lunch period, more than two dozen students paid for their lunch, entirely with pennies. They used text messages to organize their effort. In some cases, the coins were wrapped, although I would have enjoyed it more had they left them in coffee cans.

Typical response by school administrators, they served the protesters two days detention.

"There are ways to express yourself that are not disruptive to other kids and disrespectful to staff," said Readington Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jorden Schiff.

It goes to show you that some educators are entirely too sensitive and easily out-classed by students nearly a quarter of their age. Give them an atta-boy for originality and get over yourself Doc.

Quite a different way to resolve a dispute than from the story below...