March 24, 2008

Operation Chaos Working

Up front, this is Limbaugh's plan. So props to Maha Rushie.

For those of you who don't know what I am referring to, here's a brief summary.

It started in Texas, when callers to Rush's show suggested they were going to switch parties to vote against Hillary; putting the then-assumed final nail in her primary coffin.

Rush dropped the suggestion that keeping Hillary in the race would be a better idea. He felt it was to GOP's advantage to keep the self-assumed-heir to the White House throne alive. The ensuing battle between the two democrat camps would be entertaining to watch, if nothing else.

The next phase was to point out an underlying issue within the democrat party. Clinton Inc., who always championed themselves as the party for African Americans, would never let their goal to re-capture the White House be interupted by anyone, let alone a Jonny-come-lately.

What's followed couldn't have been planned, so in that respect Rush didn't craft the details of operation chaos. No, democrats instead created the chaos themselves.

First, they tinkered with the idea of changing their own primary rules after it became clear Clinton couldn't mathematically win. They've chosen instead to leave 2 mojor states delegates out in the cold, hoping they will forget come November.

Then came Reverened Wright and Obama's suddenly-awkward response to his ridiculous statements. Some in the MSM would like us to believe Barack gave a King-like speech last week, but voters nationwide were not moved.

Now we are back to the super-democrat-delegates picking their candidate, never mind what the voters want. Can someone say selected, not elected?

After 3 weeks in the spotlight, Pennsylvania is helping to mold the national picture. Since the Democrat version of Keystone Cops arrived in Pennsylvania, John McCain is suddenly leading both Clinton and Obama in the polls.

Sure, registration numbers for democrats in the Keystone State are surging. But the view in the rest of the country is souring on the party of change. The donkey's don't need to win PA, this state is blue already. It's the 2004 red states where they need to make inroads, and so far, they're not doing a good job.

From Pastor Disaster, to disenfranchisement, to a lack of accomplishments by either candidate, democrats have got themselves in a pickle. Do you think they will ever notice? Shhh, I'm not telling them.

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