March 6, 2008


John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, is one of many meteorologists and scientists who are skeptical of Al Gore and others claims' the "science" of global warming is settled.

How skeptical are these experts? How does a lawsuit against Gore for financial fraud because he sells carbon credits as a solution to Global Warming sound?

A recent decision by a UK court found nine serious errors in Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Though the court did not stop the government's attempt to show the film in over 3,500 secondary schools, it ordered that it must be shown with "guidance points" so as to prevent political indoctrination.

Coleman won't say whether he will pursue a lawsuit, but does question Gore's motive. Last November, he referred to the Global Warming hysteria as the "Greatest Scam in History".

Yesterday marked the end of a three-day conference (though it was held in mid-town Manhattan it recieved NO media play) by over 200 climate experts who have serious doubts about the claims made by alarmists.

Let's see. In the first attempt to support their claims in court, Gore's team had to admit 9 serious flaws in his argument. It's funny how facts get in the way of inconvenient truths.

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