March 19, 2008

Abington Changes - part 3

Here's video of the Abington School Board action. The raw footage was more than 35 minutes long.

One note. A comment on a prior post asked why I failed to mention then-candidate Bush's April 2000 visit. Several board members refer to the event as well. Bush's visit is their justification for the change in policy. They would like us to believe the 2000 event is equal to last Thursday's.

However, if you read this article from the local paper, you'll see there is simply no comparison between Bush's visit and Obama's rally. Apparently, the talking points were widely distributed in anticipation of any protests.


Anonymous said...

I read the article. I don't see the difference.

Wait ... I do see the difference. Bush is a Republican and his visit wasn't as open to the entire community. (Like his presidency.)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Republicans cry foul whenever Democrats do something the Republicans normally do. Our last local election is another perfect example. Cry all you want, the Democratic Party will no longer back down. Not in Abington, not in Washington.

page13 said...

#2 it was Republicans who unanimously created the policy of keeping political campaigning off campus.

So to say we would have done it too, is childish.

I personally don't have an issue with the new rules, both sides will use it to their advantage. It was the timing and the deceptive sale that I have an issue with.

So, no cryin here friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you have just proved my point. They unanimously created the policy then suspended the policy for GW, and that was ok, but now the board has bad timing and is deceptive. What was the Republican board when they did it? Visionary & transparent?


Anonymous said...

The pathetic rants of a dying ideology. Reading this blog is like listening to a crack head calling someone else a junkie. Shameless and self-delusional.