March 9, 2008

Selected Not Elected

Remember the outrage of leftists following the 2000 election when electoral votes gave the Oval Office to Bush, despite losing the popular vote?

Sidebar - once upon a time, and occasionally still, they cried about how the Supreme Court gave Bush the office, not the American people. Until they couldn't find a single independent study to prove Gore won Florida's popular vote.

The Democrat primaries have failed to provide a clear winner. Each side claims their candidate is more deserving than the other. Obama followed the rules and has both the popular vote and delegate lead. Hillary has the big momentum and super-delegates to fall back on.

It's an interesting quandary for the Democrat party. The rules established before the primaries began prohibited Florida and Michigan from moving their primary dates forward. When they did it anyway, leaders (Clinton lead at the time) chose to punish those states by stating their delegates wouldn't be recognized at the convention.

The Clinton machine never saw the possibility of Obama making this race competitive, so they thought they had nothing to lose. Hillary after all, was supposed to have this thing wrapped up by this point.

Now that she failed to secure the nomination, it's the Clinton camp arguing to count those two states while Obama is claiming (much like Republicans did in 2000) you can't change the rules after the results have been determined.

Florida and Michigan voters are saying, "hey, we count too". If the Democrats disenfranchise those voters, it can't possibly help their chances come November; two states they desperately need.

Younger voters who signed on for the Obama campaign, only to see it stolen right out from under them, will not be enthused about being denied their wish. Older voters with an ability to recognize socialism when they see it, will not hop on the Obama bandwagon and will turn to the more moderate-appearing McCain. A bonus for McCain are the veterans, who unlike their younger counterparts are reliable on election day.

Finally, Democrat voters are being shown their party for what it is. They are both hopeless agents for change, and lawyer-istic bullies who manipulate rules to gain what they want. Democrats are getting a good dose of what Republicans have been saying for years.

Seems funny to me, every time Presidential elections get complicated, Florida is somehow involved.

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