January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Top Ten

The top ten Super Bowls ranked by the hype, competitiveness of the game, and its impact on NFL history.

10. XXVI - Tom Brady and the Patriots get their first ring by beating the heavily favored Rams on the game's final play 20-17.

9. XXIII - Joe Montana's swan song from the title game as he hit John Taylor in the back of the end zone, completing a masterful 4th quarter final drive. SF 20 - CIN 16

8. XXV - It will be forever known as "wide right". But this game was a football lovers dream. Ottis Anderson and Thurman Thomas both go over 100 yards, but the Giants beat the Bills 20 - 19.

7. XXXII - John Elway finally gets his ring and Terrell Davis wins MVP as the Broncos beat the Packers 31-24, ending a 13 year championship drought by the AFC.

6. XVI - It was Joe Montana's first win and featured the best goal-line stance in Super Bowl history as the 49ers beat the Bengals 26-21.

5. X - Lynn Swann's catch as he falls over a Dallas defender highlights the Steelers 2nd title with a 21-17 victory.

4. VII - Don Shula and the no-name-defense end the NFL's only perfect season beating the Redskins 14-7. Garo Yepremian makes the highlight reel, but not in the fashion one would like, as he tries to...oh hell, I don't know what he was doing.

3. III - Joe Willie Namath predicted it and the AFL's Jets stun the world by beating the NFL's Colts 16-7

2. XIII - Lynn Swann's 4th quarter circus catch in South Florida's night sky is one of the Super Bowl's greatest moments. PIT 35 - DAL 31 in a classic. (see the NFL highlight video here)

1. XLII - The New York Giants cement the notion defense wins championships as they mug the record-setting New England Patriots offense, 17-14, spoiling the NFL's 2nd perfect season.

RNC is the Party of Steele

Michael Steele wins RNC chairman, on 6th ballot.

Stem Cell Success

Adult stem cells are showing signs of successful treatment for MS patients.

With this promising news, why is this even necessary??

I'll tell you why - profit.

If the embryonic researchers can patent the technology they stand to earn a lot of money. But that won't happen if success is discovered using a competing technology, the use of adult stem cells.

January 29, 2009

Catholic Schools Week

This week is Catholic Schools Week. It's a celebration of the history, faith, and determination of parents and school administrators who continue the strong tradition of a Catholic School education.

I spent 9 of my grade school years in the system started by St. John Neumann, a forgotten Philadelphia icon unknown to much of the city's residents. At 5th and Girard, a shrine in his honor has existed in the basement of St. Peter's church since 1860, in the slowly-rebuilding Fairmount section of the city.

The Evening Bulletin has a good article about the history of the Catholic School system and its focus on "classical education".

Though its teachers are unionized, the union rarely bullies its employer. Though Catholic, children of all faiths are welcomed and given a solid education. They dare to start each day with a prayer, not a moment of silence. The greatest advantage of the parochial system, the ACLU doesn't control the activities within their walls.

Their parents continue to fork out hard-earned money for the education. The government continues to punish them for their choice by not allowing for vouchers to help offset the additional costs. Instead, Catholic school parents have bake sales, sell various items door to door, or hold pancake breakfast events to help raise money.

If your children are in Catholic School, as mine are today, God bless you for your faith in the system. If you attended Catholic schools, but have chosen something different for you kids, stop by your local parish office and check out what's happening in today's Catholic schools. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

January 28, 2009

January 27, 2009

Castor, Not Fumo, Center of Fumo Trial

According to this story, emails between Christian Marrone and Bruce Castor seem to indicate that the former Moncto DA and current County Commissioner may have used his official email account for political purposes.

When Castor ran for Pennsylvania Attorney General in 2004, Marrone was on his staff. During the campaign, Marrone switched his support from Castor to current AG Tom Crobett. Two days after Castor lost the primary, Marrone was fired.

It's wasn't a good PR move, but Castor can fire any employee he wants. The timing however makes Bruce seem a bit politically vindictive.

Marrone is a key government witness in the trial against his father-in-law, Vince Fumo. Castor was brought in by the defense to discredit Marrone, but may have hurt himself more.

In his testimony, Castor stated he fired Marrone because he was "sneaky". I get it, he didn't trust Marrone after his switch of support. But did Bruce really think the jury would care? Or would they see Castor as being a bitter politician who fired someone because they supported someone else?

Why would Castor offer to help Fumo in the first place? Is it simply to get back at one of his employees because he didn't support him four years ago? Why would he go this far to help a Democrat up to his eyeballs in corruption?

Surely he must have known the emails would have been discovered. Surely he must have known he'd have to admit certain things while trying to discredit Marrone. Surely he knew going after Marrone in court would bring a tough cross-examination by the government's lawyer.

It doesn't seem any law was violated, despite what Joe Hoeffel would have you believe. But Risa Ferman is now in a pickle. Investigate her former boss or perhaps appear partisan by not doing so?

Hoeffel has a lot of nerve calling on the current DA to investigate publicly rather than submit the request to the DA before he went before the cameras. But the Democrat Commissioner is, as Furman put it, "grand standing" again.

The Montco saga continues.

Rescuing Bo

It was all my wife's idea; I had nothing to do with it.

I knew taking the family out to see Marley and Me on the big screen the Saturday after Christmas wasn't going to quell her desire for another dog. It could only enhance it. But I didn't think she'd spend every day since trying to find the perfect fit.

We put down the world's greatest dog, a female black lab named Harley, in August of '07 and I swore I'd never get so attached to one animal again.

But my bride informed me Saturday that she had arranged for us to rescue a chocolate lab named Bo and he would be coming home the next day. What's a dog-lover to do?

He's a classic, strong, maybe even show-worthy, 14 month-old beauty. He's either a little on the dopey side or is still testing our mettle. Either way, he's a welcome addition to our home.

Thank you to Bo's first family, who obviously cared a lot about this animal. Their hand-written note says he heels on the left, has begun training for duck hunting, and can do blind retrieves. He's a great dog!

We couldn't agree more. And we have two very happy young people who promise to take good care of him. Now, I need to learn a little about duck hunting.

Thanks as well to the fine folks at Happy Tails Rescue for facilitating the adoption.

January 25, 2009

The Left's Awakening?

In a first for me, kudos to Jon Stewart. You heard right. One of several people Obama voters cited as their source for news is actually starting to sense this Messiah guy, may not be exactly what they were hoping.

Hey Jon. Just wait until Obama explains why Gitmo must stay open and that we may be in Iraq for a little longer than he first thought.

H/T Katie Harbath

Stimulating History

Think a massive governmental stimulus solves problems during depressing economic times? Perhaps this historical primer regarding over-meddlesome Fed policy will make you dwell on it a little more.

H/T Jonah Goldberg

January 22, 2009

Left Gets Rush Wrong, Again

Several lefty blogs have once again failed to actually listen to what Rush Limbaugh has said. They take 30 seconds of a 10 minute interview and make judgments which are so easy to dispel, it's barely worth noting. Yet I do it anyway.

Does Rush want Obama to succeed?

It's the liberal agenda Rush wants to fail, not Obama personally. He says if Barack supported the same things Reagan did, he would want him to succeed.

Limbaugh will continue to be the target of even more "fat, drug-addicted, blowhard" leftist hatred now that Bush is gone.

He has assumed the role of opposition leader and the primary personality of conservative republicans, who lack an heir-apparent voice of the movement.

Obama's Overdue Bill to Abington

In the next chapter of the over-politically-motivated Abington School Board and the saga surrounding their gracious gift to the residents who pay their bills, a teeny-weeny issue remains.

That is, if you think a $40,000 bill still due is chump change.

Michele Obama came to our lovely town 10 months ago. Her most-wonderful spouse followed up with a visit of his own in October. The saga has been documented here.

Problem. They still owe Abington Township $21,000, and $19,000 combined to several other municipalities, for the police who worked the security detail on both days.

Now, it's not like the Obama campaign doesn't pay their bills. After all, the school district (and it's Democrat controlled board) got paid. Just not the township, where Republicans still control the purse strings.

Josh Shapiro has promised results; says the check is in the mail.

But after 10 months of waiting, the chump change still hasn't arrived.

January 21, 2009

Thank You Notes


Visit the site and leave a thank you note for W.

The Brats Are Back

...even the little girl in the background winced at this childish display.

Photo Courtesy of Reuters

January 20, 2009

Distracted Driving

In honor of the latest attempt by Pennsylvania State Rep. Josh Shapiro (D-Abington) to ban hand-held cell phones while driving, I'd like to post my own set of driver distractions which might eventually be banned by a law...

Eating a Big Mac, or anything else
Drinking coffee
Smoking (a double ban here)
Singing songs on the radio

It's the final one I want pushed first. After all, if you can convince me that children should be banned from cars or minivans because of the potential distraction they pose to drivers, then I'm all for banning hand-held cell phones.

Distracted driving is already a violation of the motor vehicle code.

C'mon Josh!

The 44th President of the United States

It was never going to live up to the hype; these moments rarely do. Only a walk on the icy waters of the reflecting pool would have matched the excitement, anticipation, and cost of this historic day.

Barack Obama is now the 44th President of the United States.

The end of a long journey for the African-American community has arrived. Thomas Jefferson's, Abraham Lincoln's, and Dr. Martin Luther King's common visions of a country where all men are created, treated, and honored equally has come to it's full fruition.

Pay no attention to the awkward bumbling of the actual oath, both President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts were a little nervous. It's sophomoric of anyone who wants to make an issue of the mistake. Admittedly, the moment was botched and Barack deserved better.

His speech was heavy on dramatic phrases, each of which overshadowed the others. No single brilliantly memorable quote, no over-arching central theme you could put your finger on. If you've been hanging on his every word, you heard nothing new. It sounded like any one of his campaign speeches.

But a new chapter in American history starts today. It can never be said again, with any validity, that the color of a man's skin keeps him from obtaining anything his heart desires.

The change the left yearned for has begun. Since the campaign lacked specifics, what the incoming administration has in store for us will be enlightening, if nothing else.

Fasten your safety belts.

Congratulations President Obama.

January 19, 2009

MLK's Struggle Was Against Democrats

...from Michael Zak at Grand Old Partisan.

They were better known as Dixiecrats - Southern Democrats. It was Republicans who helped LBJ pass Civil Rights legislation during the 60s.

January 18, 2009

Thank You W

Eight years in a nutshell...

Selected, not elected
Though not one recount nor independent assessment could change the tally in favor of Al Gore, President Bush's tenure got off to a rocky start as the contested 2000 campaign lasted weeks beyond election day, until the US Supreme Court stopped the Florida court's rule-changing attempts.

The moment will define Bush like no other - the President on the bullhorn. "Those responsible for taking down these buildings... will hear from all of us soon." On 9-12-2001 we were a different country than the day before...today, we couldn't be further removed from the 9-12 mentality. Never forget? Hmmm.

The battle was quick and decisive. Hamid Karzai won the first Afghan democratic elections in decades soon after. While capturing Bin-Laden never happened, his influence was marginalized through the rest of Bush's years; reduced to caveman videos threatening Jihad, with little actual impact.

...was necessary, despite a lack of WMD's. Saddam's influence and willingness to fund anyone who wished to do the west harm, not to mention his decade-long dodging of UN mandates, made it necessary to remove him before he facilitated the next 9/11. The WMD's were most likely moved out (to Syria) in the many years prior to the invasion.

The Democrat's antagonistic focus against Bush's actions in Iraq ended the traditional politics ending at the water's edge; war became a pawn of politics. When Bush called for the surge, critics claimed it was too late; it would never work, the war was lost. Of course, it worked tremendously. Today Iraq is an ally, a friend in a critical region of the world.

He couldn't say it early in the Iraq war, but Iran was Bush's real focus. Hussein was a nuisance, a distraction, a set up for the real target. Iran is the head of the snake; the root of the Islamic revolution with their hands so close to dangerous weaponry. Today, Iran is teetering on their own economic collapse and ripe for revolution.

Social Security
Before the housing collapse, this was the prevalent pending economic crisis everyone knew about. But just like the warnings preceding the sub-prime mortgage mess, this issue was dead before Bush ever got it off the ground. The failure to capitalize on his "political capital" set the tone for a disappointing second term.

It was his first political victory, when most experts said he couldn't do it following the aftermath of the 2000 election. The cuts worked as they always do, bringing in more revenue. As usual, increased government spending, including Bush's own proposals (Medicare, the bailout), squandered the increased revenue and lead to ballooning deficit spending.

No Child Left Behind
This is what happens when Ted Kennedy writes legislation...this is what happens when Republicans "reach across the aisle".

24 hours. Had FEMA been engaged 24 hours earlier, the blame Bush received following this disaster would have never reached the heights it did. In reality, Bush didn't see the utter incompetence of Mayor Nagen and Governor Blanco, neither of whom had an adequate plan in place for such a crisis.

This is where Bush lost most conservatives, including myself. His insistence that "comprehensive immigration reform" happen before the border was secure differed with many who had defended the President positions previously. It was not consistent with his own stated policy to keep us safe, first and foremost.

The Economy
Bush inherited a mini-recession, endured a major terrorist attack which temporarily crashed the markets, and survived accounting scandals which rocked the financial industry. Still, the economy hummed along. Employment reached 'full' capacity; those who wanted to work could and did.

Then the impact of 30 years of bad public policy (the sub-prime mortgage ponzie scheme) crashed the housing industry in late 2008. The banks who loaned the money needed bailouts and Bush blinked, much to the chagrin of many common sense thinking Americans who lived their lives within their means. The bailouts amounted to one of the largest transfers of private wealth to government control.

Compassionate Conservative
I believe Rush Limbaugh once said, compassionate conservatism is a redundant phrase. Whether he did or not isn't important; conservatism IS compassion. Bush's definition of his type of conservatism should have been a sign a his conservative-socialistic views.

Final thoughts...
Ultimately, Bush was conservative with most of his defense/foreign policy. With the exception of immigration, he fought hard to maintain this country's security. Despite what the left wants us to believe regarding Abu-Grab, Guantanamo, and wiretaps, Bush should be proud of the job he's done. We haven't had a significant attack on American soil since September 11th. Much of what he has done will be followed by the new administration.

Had Democrats not been so hell bent on politicizing the war, the focus in 2003 and 2005 could have been on the pending sub-prime crisis. You know, the one Democrats said wasn't a crisis. Today I wonder if that wasn't done purposely.

But Bush was more socialist with his domestic agenda. Big government now controls more of our education system and our banks. His failure to reform Social Security, the increasing size of medicare, and the current economic crisis means the next generation is left with a big tab to pay.

It's not solely the fault of his policies. In fact, his tax cuts may have forestalled the inevitable economic crisis. But the knee-jerk acceptance of Hank Paulson's remedy was a major failure of vision on his part.

Thank you President Bush. You kept us safe. You took the fight to the enemy despite ridiculous obstacles from your political opponents.

Thank you for following through on your promise to cut taxes. But your failure to curtail spending by Republicans when they were in control, and Democrats when they got it back, will haunt our party for a generation or more. With you as the party's main personality, the GOP has lost any gains they earned in '94.

It was difficult for supporters like me to listen to you give a speech. Though you were right on most issues, your inability to communicate a clear message with out the annoying winks, smirks, and Bush-isms meant a lot of good legislation never saw the light of day.

Thank you Mr. President for the bailouts. Not wanting people to suffer on your watch, as we would have if the bailouts hadn't been rushed through, is not compassionate conservatism, it's soft socialism.

Finally Mr. President, you have one bit of unfinished business. You must commute the sentences of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. If you fail to do so, you lose any semblance of real compassion and judgment.

Never in human history has one man endured more scrutiny, ridicule, and vile commentary as Dubya has over the last eight years. His critics needed to stoop to unbelievable depths in attempts to destroy him. Several times, he was considered politically dead.

In fact, Bush was a survivor. He was focused, determined, and committed.

His biggest flaw was well known - he was not good on camera; he was not the Great Communicator. He bumbled and blundered his way to soft-ball criticism. W was an easy target.

But he took it all in stride. He never let them see him sweat. He believed when no one else would. He was sincere, genuine, and believed in his country.

Would I vote for him again? Yes! He still was a much better choice than either Gore or Kerry, period.

How will history judge him? I suspect better than the MSM morons who report and comment on the news today.

Thinly Veiled Combat

Over the coming months, it will appear as though the Democrats are fighting against each other.

But don't be fooled. The antagonism between the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the incoming President, on issues such as card check and raising taxes, is nothing but a smoke screen. Take today's interview of Pelosi by FOX's Chris Wallace.

"No rubber stamp" she claims, unlike the one Republicans gave Bush over the last 8 years she wants us to believe.

"Don't forget" she says, "the things the President-elect campaigned on are exactly what we've been fighting for over the past several years".

Barry will try to appear moderate with his tone. But make no mistake, the far left will be well-served and any appearance of legislative setbacks for their agenda is anything but. Obama will put up a thinly veiled resistance to Democrats, but only to further the illusion of him as a centrist.

They may not get everything they want initially, but the left will be making progress. One small step, by one small step.

January 14, 2009

17 Pleas for Committee Support

The event was attended by the political diehards, but it should be every GOP committeeperson's highest priority.

Last night was the first of two gatherings sponsored by MCRC for the growing list of candidates vying for Montgomery County's Court of Common Pleas to state their qualifications for the job. The endorsement vote by the committee takes place on March 12th and will determine who will represent the GOP in this year's critical local elections to fill the 7 vacancies at the Montgomery County courthouse.

Presidential elections will have a larger turnout. But in off years, voters are more directly affected by the results of these contests. You could argue that makes them more important.

Montco Democrats must feel these seats are ripe for the taking. But based on the quality of the talent I saw tonight, this will not be as easy as the Donkeys would like it to be.

January 12, 2009

SCOTUS Denies Writ Decision, For Now

The Supreme Court has denied Philip Berg's request for a decision on the Writ of Certiorari BEFORE judgment from the 3rd circuit court of appeals is rendered.

All this means is that a lower court remedy is still possible. If the third circuit denies Berg's request, then he may re-apply to the SCOTUS.

The Supreme Court could also put a hold on the proceedings to administer the oath of office, but I doubt they would be so proactive and rather let the process work in the courts.

Berg issued a press release on his site obamacrimes.com. The statement includes Berg's reasons why he continues to pursue this option,
“Obama is setting himself up to be blackmailed and perhaps he is already being blackmailed. He was the candidate for ‘change,’ but look at his cabinet – 70% from President Clinton’s days and how about his Secretary of Defense, Gates. Give me a break!

There is nothing more important than ‘our’ U.S. Constitution and we will fight on!”

January 11, 2009

Birds Sweeping

The Eagles joined the Ravens and Cardinals in the NFL Final Four as they overcome 2 McNabb picks and beat the Giants 23-11.

Although New York held Westbrook in check, a timely pick first-quarter pick by Asante Samuel from Eli Manning set the tone as the Eagles end the defending champs' season.

The Birds should be the favorite against the Cardinals Sunday although the game will be held in Phoenix.

It will be McNabb and Reid's 5 NFC Championship game in eight years. The Cards on the other hand are entering their first ever championship game.

Pittsburgh is playing San Diego right now. The winner gets the pleasure of going against the tough Baltimore Ravens defense.

24 - Season 7 - Starts Tonight

The official trailer seems to be under enemy combatant control. The date on this trailer is wrong.

Still, season 7 of television's best show starts tonight.

January 9, 2009

It's About Time

In September of '86 I attended my first class at Penn State Abington. It was called Ogontz back then, and I was under the impression an engineering degree was in my future, eventually I would become an architect.

But after 2 days of classes, I no longer held that dream. For the first time in my life, I didn't like the direction I was headed. I just couldn't see myself chasing moments or tangent lines (calculus/engineering terms) for the rest of my career. I tread water for a couple years trying to find my niche, but ultimately left college for the home building industry.

Since then, I have molded a nice career out of the move. But I've always wanted to get back and finish what I started.

Today, I accomplished that goal.

Along with 222 classmates (196 bachelor and 26 associate degrees), a lot of whom were born around the time I attended my first class, I ended a (uh hem) 22 year mission to get my degree. A Bachelors of Arts in Corporate Communication can now be associated with my name.

Many thanks to the professors, staff, and classmates I have met over the many years. It's been an honor to learn from every single one of you. Dr. Karen Sandler, Chancellor of the college, and the entire Penn State Abington family can be proud of the hidden gem in our town and the future thinkers, creators, and leaders it produces.

State Representative Josh Shapiro (D-Abington) was in attendance and offered a nice quote for the occasion, by Dr. Seuss of all people,
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
But the quote of the day came from the inspirational Commencement Address by Dr. Laura P. Clark, a Penn State Abington Advisory Board member.

She told the audience a story about the many influential people who helped shaped her career. Many of whom overcame great odds themselves to achieve their goals. Not deterred by their challenges, these role models taught her about perseverance and completing a mission.

Her message to us, when disappointment comes (and it undoubtedly will), you need to make the most out of the opportunity that lies ahead. In short,
A setback, is just a set up, for a comeback.
This new Penn State Alum can surely appreciate those words.

January 7, 2009

"Sophomoric"? Coulter

...on The CBS Early Show, yesterday morning. Who needs NBCObama?

Harry Smith displays the typically ignorant and quietly condescending view the MSM has toward conservatives like Coulter, who uses absurdity to prove her points.

By the way NBC, I'm sure Ann thanks you for giving her new book so much free publicity. Such a shame you didn't realize this would happen before you dropped her.

HT Michael Morrison at Without Objection

January 6, 2009

Merry Little Christmas

...as both my Irish and Ukranian ancestors would proclaim.

Three Kings Day in some cultures. Boils down to old verses new calenders for some. For me, the official end of the holidays, safe to take down the decorations.

Palin Quietly Scrubbed by CNN

When CNN included Sarah Palin in a list of politicians who fell from grace last year, Politicians who made headlines for the wrong reasons, many supporters balked. Palin's name was was included with other notorious politicians (Blago, Ted Stevens, Spitzer, John Edwards) who all fell because of scandal.

Now, CNN has seen the light and quietly removed the Alaska governor from the revised article.

It must have been a simple editorial oversight, surely.

HT Josh Painter at RedState.

January 5, 2009

Church Burning Ignored

'Cause it's just in wacky Wasilla darn it. Never mind that the arson was also attempted murder.

As Andrew Malcolm points out in an update to his December 14th article,
In the ensuing weeks since the fire, there doesn't seem to have been much media attention or outcry against the anonymous attack on a house of worship. Probably just because Wasilla is so far away. Yes, that's probably the reason.

January 4, 2009

Wildcard Weekend

At least, one of my picks won this week. Thankfully for Eagles fans the Birds were it, holding off the feisty Vikings 26-14. Brian Westbrook once again proved to be the difference as his 71 yard mid-4th quarter TD put the game out of reach.

The Dolphins season ended a little earlier than I hoped, thanks primarily to Ed Reed as the opportunistic Ravens beat Miami 27-9. But given their incredible turnaround this season I can't say I am disappointed in the Fish. Bill Parcels, Tony Sporano, and Chad Pennington (despite today's performance) have fans in South Florida (and suburban Philly) looking forward to next season for the first time in years.

In Saturday's games, the Chargers Darren Sproles had 326 all-purpose yards including a 22 yard game-winning touchdown in overtime to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts 23-17. Meanwhile, Kurt Warner out-dueled Matt Ryan and the Falcons. The Cardinals won their 2nd straight home playoff game, 61 years after their first, by beating Atlanta 30-24.

January 3, 2009

Israel Bypasses MSM, Tweets Instead

Last year's death of journalism is leading the Israeli government to resort to more modern forms of mass communication.

Andrew Ian Dodge from Pajamas Media tells us how their message is being pushed through social networking sites like Twitter and YouTube rather than via the MSM outlets who've shown little interest in fair or balanced reporting.
It is clear that this will be the future for many organizations tired of being misrepresented in the press and of prejudiced members of the media always doing them down.
The Twitter feed (or "hashtag") AskIsrael and the YouTube site IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) are the channels being utilized to defend their decisions and to allow open discussion of the current conflict.

A brilliant move by an advanced-thinking leader in the world, of communication.

January 2, 2009

"Bush, The Joke Stupid People Laugh At"

Christopher Hitchens renders Bill Maher speechless.
Warning: Language and gesturing

HT Lisa at Bluftooni

January 1, 2009

The Genesis of State-Run Media?

As if they didn't control it already...

HT Drudge

Good Ship Lollipop Gets Bumped

Compliments of Ralph Alter at Pajamas Media...

One of Washington's most entertaining politicians, Cynthia McKinney, is trying to inject herself into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The former Green Party candidate for president and her Hamas-sympathizing friends find their "Dignity" ruffled — and bumped — by the Israeli navy.

After meeting with Castro, hitting a Capital police officer, and playing bumper cars with Israel's Navy, what could possibly be next on Ms McKinney's agenda? Suicide bombing perhaps?