July 14, 2009

Protect Pedophiles, Imprison Bible-Thumpers

Hidden in U.S. Senate bill 1390, the National Defense Authorization Act, is an amendment that on it's own wouldn't see the light of day.

Senator Ted Kennedy's bill 909 (The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act) would have provided protection for 547 types of sexual deviants (as defined by the American Psychiatric Association), including pedophiles and incestuous family members, from "hate crimes". However, since it couldn't get enough votes on its own, it has been attached to the larger defense spending bill.

This legislation opens the door for anyone quoting the Bible to be brought up on charges for inciting violence. If it was proved the crime was committed after hearing the hate speech against gays found in the Bible, a priest, church, or missionary could be considered co-conspirators to the crime.

Think I'm nuts? Remember where the hate crimes concept originated - racism. As the Supreme Court ruled in 1993, anyone who is heard uttering racial remarks while or before committing a crime can get enhanced penalties based on hate speech.

What if a church going individual is heard quoting Bible verses before or while committing a crime against any one of the 547 protected individuals in Matthew's Bill??

The most egregious part of this issue - it's tie to troop funding. A vote against the bill could be used to attack any Senator for not supporting the troops.

Fortunately perhaps, elected officials in Washington won't be protected by this bill. But only because the APA hasn't classified them as a unique kind of sexual predator, yet. So, I wonder if the biker community is ready to do a ride on Washington? They don't care for pedophiles much.

July 8, 2009

Shapiro Eying LT Gov?

Not too surprising given recent events in Washington.

If fact, I thought as much a few weeks ago...

Fat Chance Tax

My favorite Congresswoman is making news. Though I'm not sure she understands the real impact she's having.

Philly has the ban on saturated fats. Now, the nation will enjoy a $.10 tax on every soft drink sold - that's if Allyson Schwartz (D - PA 13th Congressional District) has her way. A couple weeks ago Schwartz said this would be, "a real treat", to impose a tax on each 12 ounce purchase of non-sugar free soft drink.

You heard right. This esteemed Congresswoman is leading the charge on a "Fat Tax". The money stolen from our pockets, I assume, will go to fund obesity related procedures.

Since we Americans can't possibly take care of ourselves, the almighty government is going to tax us for every bad thing we do to our bodies.

That's only fair. After all, once they provide us a public health care plan, they can mandate our lifestyles.

So, I called my Congresswoman's office. I told the staffer, a pleasant woman named Katie, who I was and wanted her to convey my opposition to this tax. Her response,
"The Congresswoman believed it was important to pass the important climate bill [a.k.a. Cap and Trade bill] to limit carbon emissions and its impact on the environment."
So I asked what a fat tax had to do with climate change,
"Well, I'm not sure, I haven't read the entire bill myself. But I certainly can pass along your opposition and see if the Congresswoman can do for you. The bill has passed the House and has moved on to the Senate."
Now, I know there is nothing a Congresswoman can do to affect the Senate vote, but what exactly was she saying? Although the Congresswoman introduced the measure, she would petition the Senate to vote it down?

Katie said she had other calls to take. I'm sure she did. But when she mentioned I was the first to contact her about this fat tax issue, I knew she was blowing smoke up my rear.

On a related issue - a dentist's name has popped up as the first potential challenger to Ms. Schwartz. Even though I'm sure he'd encourage people to drink less sugar-loaded soda, I'll bet he's against punishing people for doing so.

To be continued...

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

This classic from School House Rock says it all...

I picked up the latest version of Common Sense yesterday. It seems more than appropriate these days.

God Bless America. Well, what's left of it anyway.

July 3, 2009

Whores, Pimps, and the Washington Post

The Clinton's had the Lincoln bedroom. Washington Post publisher Katherine Weymouth called hers a "salon".

The NY Times is dying, that's become obvious.

But now, the Washington Post is whoring itself out.

It's continuing evidence the main stream media isn't just fading into irrelevance, they are becoming a joke.

July 1, 2009

The Mayor of Glenside

Technically, there isn't such a position. But had there been, Mike Gillespie would have been it.

Mike was laid to rest yesterday after losing his battle with cancer. He was a former 26 year veteran of Abington police department, a Marine Corps veteran, and Abington Township Commissioner.

The line I waited in Monday night was 3 hours long as it seemed the entire community came to honor its willing servant.

The Glenside News (Montgomery Newspapers) paid a tribute of its own.

Our prayers go out to Mike's wife Carol, and the entire Gillespie family. We will all miss you Mike.

H/T Bob A

Gore Being Sued for Global Warming Fraud

The former next President of the United States, Al Gore, is being sued by the founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, and over 30,000 scientists for the global warming hoax.

Who says justice doesn't exist in the world?

And yet, this news remains absent from the big three government run media outlets.