October 31, 2007

Razzle Dazzle 'em

In this scene from the movie Chicago (Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger), the screen adaptation of the Broadway musical, I can't help but think of Montgomery County's 2 democrat commissioner candidates.

Joe Hoeffel is the pompous Billy Flynn (Gere) character, a trial lawyer no less, with Ruth played by the timid Roxy (Zellweger), just another victim. The key line from this scene, about one minute in...

(Billy Flynn): It's all a circus, a three ring circus. This whole thing, the trial, the whole world...it's all show business.

It's the way I see the Damsker/Hoeffel team prepping for a debate. Their MO is the same. Use smoke and mirrors, with just a hint of razzle-dazzle, to confuse voters. Attempt to tie Bush (now the cause of everything from Islamic hatred to 25 year old kids being denied health care) to the issues that face Montgomery County. From no-bid contracts, to questionable campaign financing, to incompetent staff, the Democrat challenger Hoeffel (remember Damsker is the incumbent) will attempt to fabricate a scene for the jury (voters) to absorb.

The press plays along, buying into the charade in front of them. Never once challenging Joe on his sweetheart deals; never once asking him about the controversy brewing in Harrisburg; never once asking about Norman Zsu; never once asking if Montgomery County is one of the best places to live in the entire nation, never mind in Pennsylvania; never once asking why in the world voters would risk all that to put his circus in office.

October 25, 2007

Politicizing Everything

It's a shame. Not one event can pass without a bevie of Democrat yahoos turning it into a political opportunity. In separate statements, (source NationalLedger.com) Democrats Harry Ried, Barbara Boxer, and California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi all took swipes at President Bush, in the wake of the forest fires in San Diego and LA.

For now, I'll forget the liberal/democrat/environmentalist wackos prevented the clearing our of underbrush in these forests because of thier claims of ecological harm that results from these risk management concepts. Additionally, I lay aside the fact that a lack of pre-Katrina preparation by the local government - not just a lack of movement by the Feds - led to the chaos and higher numbers of deaths in Louisiana.

Instead, I'll focus on these folks, who would have us believe that they care more about the average man (and mother nature too) than Republicans do, don't bother to put politics aside and wrap their arms around the human tragedy in front of them. Instead, they see an opportunity to gobble-up votes, to assign blame, to politicize everything.

It's a clear sign of the difference between risk management which Republicans prefer and crisis management the left chooses. Risk management clear out the underbrush near populated areas; gets residents on school buses prior to an advancing hurricane; and allows for alternative energy resources like coal and nuclear power to offset apparent impact of environmental harm we create. Pay no attention to the failed ideas democrats encouraged which were contributing factors to the size of the fires. Instead, they'd rather us focus on junk science, other natural disasters, and a war they can't seem to stop.

More examples of failed Democrat Leadership.

October 20, 2007

Inky Shame

There is a continuing saga being played out in Harrisburg, and the Philadelphia Inquirer's website seems to have either no knowledge of the events or is selectively choosing not to print it. Here's the story, that is getting told in Pittsburgh.

According to the Post-Gazette, a judge in Harrisburg is allowing a grand jury to see evidence taken from a Democrat House research office. The office, which is supposed to be used strictly for legislative - not political - purposes, contained boxes of material, clearly meant for political activities. Among the items discovered were files tagged with names like "opposition research," "incumbent protection plan," and "memo on challenger in election."

While the Inquirer has published information about the probe recently, the thrust of their articles have focused on only 2 aspects of the investigation. First is the fact that legislative staffers, both Democrat and Republican the Inky makes sure to point out, received bonuses for campaign work. Of course Democrats want people to believe that the entire investigation is solely political and charge that Attorney General Tom Corbett (a Republican) is targeting them, not the other side of the aisle. The other angle they address is the pending legislation to ban such practices. Nothing like our state legislators acting just in the nick of time, eh?

But the Inky glazes over one important factor about the investigation and selectively chooses not to publish another. Glazing over the disparity between the amounts each party shelled out and (as of this post) omitting the clearly political nature of the evidence found in the Democrat office, indicates to me that the Inky may be allowing its political leanings to cloud its editorial judgement.

October 15, 2007

Sweet Justice

A follow-up on the Phony Soldier controversy...

Rush was in Philly last week as a part of his "Rush to Excellence Tour". During his speech to a packed house, Rush announced that he would be conducting an auction on ebay. The piece being sold is a letter. Woopdi doo eh? Well, it's not just any letter. It's a letter written by Harry Reid and signed by 41 Democrat United States Senators, including Clinton. See the actual letter here.

These esteemed Senators wrote to the CEO of Clear Channel Communications (a friend of Rush by the way) calling for a censure of Rush because of his comments about Jessie McBeth and other phony soldiers.

The money raised from this auction will go to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, a charity for which Rush is a board member. The foundation provides college scholarships for children of marines killed in action.

On his radio show, Rush went further. He said whatever the winning bid is he will match the amount and - this is the best part - called on Reid and each one of the 41 Senator co-signers, to do the same. How many of these cowards do you think will pony up?

See the speech here (click on - Watch the Video: Rush Announces the Auction on Stage in Philadelphia )

October 10, 2007

Montco Fireworks

Do you need evidence that the race for Montgomery County Commissioner is heating up? See this video from Fox 29 News; story here.

The reason for the argument is a recent 9 month long (important fact) sting by state and county law enforcement. The operation nabbed (among others) Joe Hoeffel's campaign chairwoman, in an illegal video poker machine network covering 9 bars throughout southeastern PA. Hoeffel wants people to believe this is a sign that the DA's office is trying to affect political campaigns. He wants voters to believe that "Bruce Almighty" - as Joe likes to call Bruce Castor - somehow timed this raid to coincide with this November's election.

If this is true, then Mr. Hoeffel wants us to believe that back in February, Castor's office knew that the future chairwoman would be in such a key political position, ripe for targeting. I know Joe thinks Democrats can do a better job in Norristown. But if our DA's office is capable of predicting the future with this kind of accuracy, I think they must be doing a stellar job.

Thanks for the endorsement Joe.

October 3, 2007

Don't Give Me that SCHIP

What do you consider a needy family? If you think $80,ooo a year income doesn't qualify, then you disagree with modern congressional Democrats. If you think a "child" age 25 is reasonable definition, you'd also disagree with donkeys.

Democrats love larger numbers of citizens on government assistance. Why? Simply because this is their base; those who are always looking for a handout. It's why they originally opposed mid-90's welfare reform; it's why they voted with Bush for expanding prescription drug benefits; and it's why they are fully behind the increased reach that SCHIP program currently offers. The new program will re-define children to include 25 year olds or families making less than $80k.

It's also a primary reason why they can't be allowed to spin the current campaign to expand the SCHIP program and demonize Bush and republicans for opposing this bad legistlation.