October 10, 2007

Montco Fireworks

Do you need evidence that the race for Montgomery County Commissioner is heating up? See this video from Fox 29 News; story here.

The reason for the argument is a recent 9 month long (important fact) sting by state and county law enforcement. The operation nabbed (among others) Joe Hoeffel's campaign chairwoman, in an illegal video poker machine network covering 9 bars throughout southeastern PA. Hoeffel wants people to believe this is a sign that the DA's office is trying to affect political campaigns. He wants voters to believe that "Bruce Almighty" - as Joe likes to call Bruce Castor - somehow timed this raid to coincide with this November's election.

If this is true, then Mr. Hoeffel wants us to believe that back in February, Castor's office knew that the future chairwoman would be in such a key political position, ripe for targeting. I know Joe thinks Democrats can do a better job in Norristown. But if our DA's office is capable of predicting the future with this kind of accuracy, I think they must be doing a stellar job.

Thanks for the endorsement Joe.


Ralph said...

Dude, you are out of control. If you think clear thinking individuals will take this as an endorsment, your nuts. But this does show that an actual debate about party differences is impossible: it's all about personal attacks and who has the power...so much for serving the people.

page13 said...

If there were issues where dems could reasonably argue how they could do a better job than the current county leadership, they sure have a funny way of showing it. Perhaps it's because they don't.

Keep in mind, it's Hoeffel who made this the large issue it's become, by claiming that his chair was somehow unfairly targeted. -he made the claim shortly after the story aired on KYW- How could that be possible, given the facts?

If you don't see the clear attempt to distract voters, you miss the point. What Joe's really upset with, is the fact that competent leadership already exists in the courthouse.

If any voters don't see it, they probably aren't aware (nor care) that there is an election this year. This year's elections are for the diehards, who ARE paying attention.

Ralph said...

Oh…I completely agree with you that Hoeffel is the antagonist in all of this and he'll say anything and make any excuse to try to win an election. I was never crazy about him when he was in congress. Hey, Rush was in town, you must be beaming with conservativness.