October 15, 2007

Sweet Justice

A follow-up on the Phony Soldier controversy...

Rush was in Philly last week as a part of his "Rush to Excellence Tour". During his speech to a packed house, Rush announced that he would be conducting an auction on ebay. The piece being sold is a letter. Woopdi doo eh? Well, it's not just any letter. It's a letter written by Harry Reid and signed by 41 Democrat United States Senators, including Clinton. See the actual letter here.

These esteemed Senators wrote to the CEO of Clear Channel Communications (a friend of Rush by the way) calling for a censure of Rush because of his comments about Jessie McBeth and other phony soldiers.

The money raised from this auction will go to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, a charity for which Rush is a board member. The foundation provides college scholarships for children of marines killed in action.

On his radio show, Rush went further. He said whatever the winning bid is he will match the amount and - this is the best part - called on Reid and each one of the 41 Senator co-signers, to do the same. How many of these cowards do you think will pony up?

See the speech here (click on - Watch the Video: Rush Announces the Auction on Stage in Philadelphia )

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