October 3, 2007

Don't Give Me that SCHIP

What do you consider a needy family? If you think $80,ooo a year income doesn't qualify, then you disagree with modern congressional Democrats. If you think a "child" age 25 is reasonable definition, you'd also disagree with donkeys.

Democrats love larger numbers of citizens on government assistance. Why? Simply because this is their base; those who are always looking for a handout. It's why they originally opposed mid-90's welfare reform; it's why they voted with Bush for expanding prescription drug benefits; and it's why they are fully behind the increased reach that SCHIP program currently offers. The new program will re-define children to include 25 year olds or families making less than $80k.

It's also a primary reason why they can't be allowed to spin the current campaign to expand the SCHIP program and demonize Bush and republicans for opposing this bad legistlation.

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