September 29, 2007

"Phony Soldiers" Truth

Who is Jessie McBeth (aka - Rush's "Phony Soldier")?

A classic example of how the dopes in the has-been media operate. It's the sad truth which shows how leftist political front groups like and control opinion, and how traditional outlets have lost their credibility.

I bet prior to this you bought into claims that Rush hated African-American quarterbacks (Donovan McNabb) and victims of Parkinson's disease (Michael J. Fox). That would be what the critics of Limbaugh - who never listen to Limbaugh - also think.


Ralph said...

I'm not a fan of Rush, but I'm now less of a fan of congress.

Anonymous said...

I'm not up on my web site etiquette, but do you have to have links to moveon and media matters?

page13 said...

No, I don't. However, I don't think I can make a legit argument against such bogus groups without giving readers the option to go see these sites themselves.