September 13, 2007

A Game of Chess

If you look at the Presidential Candidates on both sides, which one do you suppose would win a chess tournament against the others? Politics is, of course, just one continuous game of skill and slight of hand. But war is played on a field of a higher level. Middle Eastern peoples invented the game of chess, so it's not a stretch to assume they know how to play.

In this article from Pajamas Media, Jules Crittenden shows how the assumed dunce George W. Bush may be better at the game than you may think.


Ralph said...

Pipe Dream. Iran is pulling the strings of instability in the region and there's not much, short of invasion, we can do. The question is, “Will a democratic president have the resolve to do it?

page13 said...

You really think W will wait for, or leave it up to, the Dem president to pull the trigger? Talk about a pipe dream.