September 15, 2007

If the Ad Fits...

They have in small print at the top of their front page the following sentence:
"All the news that's fit to print"

I've always wrestled with this choice of words because it seems odd that the Newspaper of Record, the New York Times, would be in the business of censorship. After all, fit to print, must mean some news isn't.

Apparently, however, the select nature of news reporting is nothing compared to their bargaining power with far leftist groups like It seems the much ballyhooed full-page ad the George Soros backed group purchased, calling General Patreaus "General Betray Us", was bought at a reduced price. This article from the New York Post shows that select reporting and select advertising both exist at the nations most prominent newspaper.

The story, not suprisingly, missed their own front page. I guess it wasn't fit to print.

Which is exactly why page13news and a growing number of other exist, to provide the other side of the record.

...other proof of bias, mis-truths, and plagiarisms here...

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