September 20, 2007

If the Hsu Fits...

Democrat fundraiser and fugitive from the feds for 15 years, Norman Hsu, was finally captured two weeks ago in Colorado. Despite Hsu's grand-theft conviction in 1991, and a hiatus overseas to avoid jail, he recently appeared on the political scene, representing himself as a New York Businessman. Hsu donated generous amounts of money to many Democrats, including Ed Rendell. But it wasn't until Hsu skipped out of a September 5th, 2007 bail hearing (his second such stunt) that Governor Rendell finally decided to donate the $37,oo0 plus in donations he received from Hsu, to charity. It must have been a difficult choice for Ed, who once called Hsu "one of the 10 best people I've ever met".

The obvious lack of judgement that Eddie's suffering from is overshadowed only by his arrogance. Makes me wonder if the governor thinks he's gone beyond reproach. This often happens when politicians think they've cemented their legacy. But it would be foolish for democrats, including Rendell's heir-apparent Josh Shapiro, to think this won't have ripple effects.

The opportunity for the Dems in Montgomery County is now, or so it seemed. The stars were aligned as late as September 1st for a historic victory in November. After a successful 2006 and low approval ratings for President Bush, democrats state-wide probably feel confident about their chances to take over the crown-jewel in Pennsylvania Politics, the Montgomery County courthouse. And why wouldn't they?

But after round two of HillaryCare, after news that Iraq is improving, after immigration fraud was defeated, and after Hsu/Clinton/Rendell-gate, will democrats in Montco be able to halt the late shift of momentum for the GOP?

And if Southeastern PA Dems fail in their persuit this year, what does it say about their ability to bring home Pennsylvania for a democrat presidential candidate next year?

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