March 25, 2010

March 24, 2010

Who Exactly is Inciting Mobs?

Those of us in the Tea Party movement are purposely being labeled an angry mob by several different has-been news organizations. Their motivation for doing so can only be answered by them, but one thing is crystal clear - should a violent societal breakdown occur, in the media's mind, it will originate from the Tea Party movement.

Phone calls to several democrat lawmakers using threatening, hateful language have emerged and shared with the media. Dutifully, news organizations have tagged the callers as associates of the Tea Party movement or even the GOP. Neither the GOP, the majority of Tea Party activists, nor myself condone or support such actions. Those kinds of calls do nothing to advance debate or human dignity.

The media however seems perfectly comfortable making the accusation despite having zero evidence of who these people are or if they have any actual relationship with the Tea Party or the GOP. But why let a silly thing like that keep you from your agenda making?

This is no isolated incident; there's a storyline being presented. Take the following examples: Dr. Lamont Hill (FOX News), Chris Matthews (MSNBC), Courtland Milloy (Washington Times).

This isn't the first time they have purposely tried to associate the anti-government movement as hate-filled and racist. You may remember this video when MSNBC tried to tag those attending the health care town halls as gun-toting racists. Of course, the reality was quite different.

Now, let's contrast the Tea Party movement with the revolutionaries on the left and you tell me who exactly is the "angry mob" here? From the Obama administration: Van Jones, Ron Bloom, and Anita Dunn. From the 2008 election: ACORN members, Palin haters, and the Black Panthers.

Flash mobs aren't created by Tea Party activists either. Our movement doesn't need the element of surprise or intimidation because our agenda is transparent, unlike some in the political arena of ideas. While most of us support the 2nd amendment, we have no interest in violence; no interest in those who do. But drawing parallels between the Tea Parties and the recent string of flash mob incidents in Philadelphia, as one report did earlier this week, doesn't do anything but add fuel to the fire.

So to those of you in the news media I say: stop your incendiary rhetoric. Stop blaming the peaceful resistance of a hostile government takeover for violence which hasn't happened.

If there will be blood on any one's hands, it may well be yours.

March 22, 2010

A Trend of Disrespect??

Dr. Mark Lamont Hill is a frequent contributor to both FOX News and it's Philadelphia affiliate FOX 29. Rarely challenged on the local broadcasts, he spews hate of a more intellectual, post-racial (wink wink) kind. FOX 29 calls him a "social science expert".

Take this video from tonight's FOX 29 broadcast. Dr. Hill makes charges against protesters use of the "N" and "F" words in Washington D.C. this weekend which he cannot support with any actual evidence (that I'm currently aware of).

Dr. Hill wants to impose 'consequences' for such actions. Claiming a lack of such enforcement will lead to escalating violence.
“if we don't impose serious consequences...on people who engage is such acts of disrespect, the climate is only going to get worse and get more violent.”
Is he talking about the flash mobs from South Street this weekend? Coverage of that event conveniently book-ended this report.

So one question for FOX 29's 'social scientist' - can we consider your incendiary suggestion a threat Dr. Hill?

p.s. FOX 29 - your embedding video option doesn't work

It's Evening in America

Just before midnight, on the Christian sabbath, America as we knew her ceased to exist.

We now have a King, perhaps a dictator. After all, the President has given himself the authority to overrule any law he sees fit. He did this to 'win' the final votes needed to control the largest sector of the US economy any single politician has been able to capture.

Allyson Schwartz (D-PA 13) and democrats in the House of Representatives approved this control, thereby rendering themselves irrelevant to the political process. Bart Stupak (D-MI 1) was fooled into thinking the President could make such a promise, which would raise him to the level of a King. If the executive order is ruled unconstitutional, Stupak will soon see his promise cannot be upheld, opening the door for publicly funded abortions. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) has been lied to, but if he dares to mention it, he would also be admitting he was bought off. Not exactly brilliant positions to find yourselves in, eh?

It's evening in America. We are no longer the shining city on the hill. That designation belongs, according to the progressive left, to our Lord, Barack Obama. Sleep well comrades!!

March 18, 2010

Is Allyson Schwartz Nervous?

When Brian Haughton announced he would become one of the potential challengers to the 13th congressional district of Pennsylvania, currently held by Allyson Schwartz, calls from Washington were made to the Philly Firefighters union in an effort to get him to back off his candidacy. Haughton didn't oblige.

Yesterday, as reported by Josh Quinter via News Talk PA, three individuals challenged the petitions of each of the three remaining GOP contenders, Haughton, Dee Adcock, and Quinter. The law firm representing those challenging the petitions, per Quinter, has ties directly to the democrat machine.

Question is, why would Schwartz go to such extreme lengths to oust her competition? Could Allyson know something we don't? Is she nervous about a national movement against incumbents which could potentially include her own seat?

Democrats are attempting to pass health care reform without an official vote. Allyson is trying to ensure her re-election without a vote, by eliminating her challengers before the primary.

Desperation shot Allyson? Call it March Madness.

March 7, 2010

Obamacare - Our 'Thelma and Louise' Moment

President Obama stated Friday that the health care plan democrats are trying to force through congress has reached its 'Thelma and Louise' moment.

No argument here Mr. President.