March 22, 2010

A Trend of Disrespect??

Dr. Mark Lamont Hill is a frequent contributor to both FOX News and it's Philadelphia affiliate FOX 29. Rarely challenged on the local broadcasts, he spews hate of a more intellectual, post-racial (wink wink) kind. FOX 29 calls him a "social science expert".

Take this video from tonight's FOX 29 broadcast. Dr. Hill makes charges against protesters use of the "N" and "F" words in Washington D.C. this weekend which he cannot support with any actual evidence (that I'm currently aware of).

Dr. Hill wants to impose 'consequences' for such actions. Claiming a lack of such enforcement will lead to escalating violence.
“if we don't impose serious consequences...on people who engage is such acts of disrespect, the climate is only going to get worse and get more violent.”
Is he talking about the flash mobs from South Street this weekend? Coverage of that event conveniently book-ended this report.

So one question for FOX 29's 'social scientist' - can we consider your incendiary suggestion a threat Dr. Hill?

p.s. FOX 29 - your embedding video option doesn't work

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