March 18, 2010

Is Allyson Schwartz Nervous?

When Brian Haughton announced he would become one of the potential challengers to the 13th congressional district of Pennsylvania, currently held by Allyson Schwartz, calls from Washington were made to the Philly Firefighters union in an effort to get him to back off his candidacy. Haughton didn't oblige.

Yesterday, as reported by Josh Quinter via News Talk PA, three individuals challenged the petitions of each of the three remaining GOP contenders, Haughton, Dee Adcock, and Quinter. The law firm representing those challenging the petitions, per Quinter, has ties directly to the democrat machine.

Question is, why would Schwartz go to such extreme lengths to oust her competition? Could Allyson know something we don't? Is she nervous about a national movement against incumbents which could potentially include her own seat?

Democrats are attempting to pass health care reform without an official vote. Allyson is trying to ensure her re-election without a vote, by eliminating her challengers before the primary.

Desperation shot Allyson? Call it March Madness.

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