June 30, 2007

'Sicko' Paradise

The latest in the Michael Moore docu-comedy series, "Sicko", opened June 29th. However, several pirated copies appeared on YouTube two weeks prior to its release. Sicko's representative's (lawyers) promised at the time to "aggressively protect our film".

If Mike wants to spread the good word to all the little people about the evil health care industry, why wouldn't he encourage giving the movie away for free? It seems this sicko hates capitalism, unless he's the one capitalising.

The sad irony is, Mr. Moore's personal life is classical American success story, which would never have been possible in his Cuban paradise.

June 27, 2007

Primary Concerns

The panel assigned to consider changing Pennsylvania's primary election date has spoken. They suggest moving the election forward, to match other states vying for significance in deciding who our Presidential candidates will be. I understand the desire to play a role in this process, since most recent Presidential elections have kept Pennsylvania in the also-ran column. However, there is at least one major flaw with this thinking.

If Pennsylvania joins the mad dash to a February 5th, 2008 primary date, one of 3 things could happen.

First possibility: Pennsylvania will join the masses in a one day free-for-all which will definitively provide us with 2 clear choices for President.

Second possibility: no clear winner on the either side. At which point, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, who vote in March, will suddenly have more relevance than PA, FL, TX, IL, and CA combined. These 6 states, in this scenario, hold all the cards. Who feels comfy with that prospect?

Finally, if still not decided by then (unlikely, but possible): Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia will become more relevant than Pennsylvania, followed by Montana and South Dakota.

If that weren't enough to caution you about consideration of the February primary, think about the average voter. They have a hard enough time remembering the date of primary, let alone a "special election" date held specifically for referendums if your school district needs one. Yep, the already stuck-in-a-quagmire "real estate tax relief" legislation will get its own special trip to the polls. Does this give Fast-Eddie (or any other politician) an angle to clear his bad idea? You bet it will!

Over the last 25 years of working the polls in Philly and it's suburbs, I have noticed a disturbing trend. Voters barely have a basic knowledge of civics. A lot of voters don't realize the role of primaries or which races apply to them. Some of my suburban voters often ask me why they can't vote for Philly's mayor. Others, when I ask them which primary are they participating in (Rep or Dem), proudly admonish me by saying, "...it's none of your business who I am voting for!".

If the voters have a hard time understanding the relevance of this process, how on earth will they be able to grasp the changes this brilliant committee has recommended?

Who honestly thinks a move to February won't result in Pennsylvania voters feeling further separated from their government?

June 25, 2007

Immigration Fix

Since some would want us to believe that illegal immigrants are "doing the work Americans just won't do".....

And since unemployment has been below 5% (in economic terms, full employment - that is, everyone who wants and is able to work, is working) since November '06....

Then one might conclude we no longer need welfare or other social programs in the grand scale they currently exist.

That damn Bush economy; able to fully support more than 95% of the American people as well as 15 million illegals, all during a time of war. He is some dope, eh?

June 24, 2007

Oh my!! 106.1

It's 7am. I'm sipping coffee and watching the morning news with my 6 year-old daughter...

There's a new station in town. My106.1 is one of those "office worthy" stations that plays top 40 hits in the typical homogeneous format. They have a commercial out that really caught my attention. Which of course is exactly what their ad execs wanted.

It took me a few seconds to figure out why I was drawn to this commercial, and then it dawned on me. The commercial featured the derriere of several office-type women (and a token dork male as well), who were all shaking their booty to the hits of their "favorite" station. The first shot of office butt, a female in dress pants, didn't really bother me. But that was just a teaser of things to come. The final 10 seconds featured several office-butt-shaking shots; some were the kind you would find performed by dancers at a strip club or in any number of rap videos. I found myself wondering if this would be guaranteed in my office if I tuned into the station later in the day.

It sure seems, in this commercial anyway, women have come a long way in overcoming sexual harassment in the workplace. Thanks My106.1 (and Fox29), that's just what I wanted my 6 year-old to see.