June 24, 2007

Oh my!! 106.1

It's 7am. I'm sipping coffee and watching the morning news with my 6 year-old daughter...

There's a new station in town. My106.1 is one of those "office worthy" stations that plays top 40 hits in the typical homogeneous format. They have a commercial out that really caught my attention. Which of course is exactly what their ad execs wanted.

It took me a few seconds to figure out why I was drawn to this commercial, and then it dawned on me. The commercial featured the derriere of several office-type women (and a token dork male as well), who were all shaking their booty to the hits of their "favorite" station. The first shot of office butt, a female in dress pants, didn't really bother me. But that was just a teaser of things to come. The final 10 seconds featured several office-butt-shaking shots; some were the kind you would find performed by dancers at a strip club or in any number of rap videos. I found myself wondering if this would be guaranteed in my office if I tuned into the station later in the day.

It sure seems, in this commercial anyway, women have come a long way in overcoming sexual harassment in the workplace. Thanks My106.1 (and Fox29), that's just what I wanted my 6 year-old to see.

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