February 10, 2010

Time's Ticking for Obama, the Amateur

Recently, President Obama demanded China revalue it's currency. The idea, as the President sees it, is that an undervalued Chinese dollar (the renminbi) puts the US at a competitive disadvantage.

Proving not only that Obama is starring in his own economic amateur night at the improv show, but also that he has lost any leverage against the Chi-coms, the Chinese have refused. As New York Times Roger Cohen points out, that puts the US exactly where China wants us.

Now what's the President's move? America is no longer where you go to get quality products at reasonable prices. As union wages and governmental regulations have made the cost of doing business here impossible, manufacturers have shifted their operations east, far east.

Obama and his union-based foundation have created this problem and their answer is to further punish the "fat-cats" they'd like us to believe are culpable for America's slide in the game of international competition. They want to blame BIG corporation, blame Bush, blame China. But the real responsibility, lies at their own doorstep.

As Coldplay's song "Clocks" (appropriate for Cohen's piece) wonders:
"...cursed missed opportunities. Am I, a part of the cure, or am I part of the disease? Singin'...YOU are."
Wanna take a wild stab at the answer, Mr. President?

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February 8, 2010

Adcock Wins Montco Endorsement

Tonight was the first real test of political strength for a congressional challenger to unseat a proud progressive democrat, and Obama pawn, in a not-so-long-ago blue state. At stake was the Montgomery County GOP endorsement for Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional district and a chance to face Allyson Schwartz in November.

Six candidates were vying for the critical support of the suburban Republican committeepersons and the obvious edge it brings over any primary challengers.

After one round, Damian Dachowski and Dee Adcock were the only two candidates with enough votes to continue to round two; neither garnering the required 50% plus one needed to win the endorsement.

On the second ballot, Dee Adcock got the number he needed to win the critical support. Dachowski graciously joined Dee and the two embraced on stage. Dachowski stated his desire to ensure GOP victory in the fall campaign.

Dee's warmth and charm will contrast perfectly against the Washington insider Schwartz and Adcock has the kind of war chest Allyson hasn't faced in 6 years.

Overheard at tonight's event was that the Philadelphia half of the district is supporting the lone city resident on tonight's stage, Philly firefighter Brian Haughton. Whether this actually turns into a legit primary challenge isn't clear, but seems likely.

It forces both candidates to spend valuable money earning the primary vote, but it will also provide both candidates something they need - hard campaign experience.
Congresswoman Schwartz continues to act as though she has nothing to worry about. She's still proud to boast her influence in the Obamacare nightmare. She has no idea what she's up against. Tonight, the committee was clear - her days are numbered.

February 3, 2010

Cell Phone Bans Ineffective?

Oh really?

Just a mere week after Josh Shapiro finally persuaded the Pennsylvania State House to pass his hand-held cell phone and texting while driving ban, after 6 years of trying, comes this little story which may prove the need for his feel-good law unnecessary.

And what a surprise, it's buried in the "Wheels blog" section of the NY Times.

H/T Jack P