February 3, 2010

Cell Phone Bans Ineffective?

Oh really?

Just a mere week after Josh Shapiro finally persuaded the Pennsylvania State House to pass his hand-held cell phone and texting while driving ban, after 6 years of trying, comes this little story which may prove the need for his feel-good law unnecessary.

And what a surprise, it's buried in the "Wheels blog" section of the NY Times.

H/T Jack P

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Anonymous said...

Ehhhhh.... I dont buy it. Who in their right mind is going to admit that they were talking on the phone or texting after they get into a serious accident? I would like to know how exactly they came up with the results of the research. Been a fire/ems professional for over 20 years now. In the mid 90's when cell phone really became popular, the amount of auto accidents that I responded to doubled, and has been that way ever since. As long as people continue to talk or text while driving, I have job security.