February 10, 2010

Time's Ticking for Obama, the Amateur

Recently, President Obama demanded China revalue it's currency. The idea, as the President sees it, is that an undervalued Chinese dollar (the renminbi) puts the US at a competitive disadvantage.

Proving not only that Obama is starring in his own economic amateur night at the improv show, but also that he has lost any leverage against the Chi-coms, the Chinese have refused. As New York Times Roger Cohen points out, that puts the US exactly where China wants us.

Now what's the President's move? America is no longer where you go to get quality products at reasonable prices. As union wages and governmental regulations have made the cost of doing business here impossible, manufacturers have shifted their operations east, far east.

Obama and his union-based foundation have created this problem and their answer is to further punish the "fat-cats" they'd like us to believe are culpable for America's slide in the game of international competition. They want to blame BIG corporation, blame Bush, blame China. But the real responsibility, lies at their own doorstep.

As Coldplay's song "Clocks" (appropriate for Cohen's piece) wonders:
"...cursed missed opportunities. Am I, a part of the cure, or am I part of the disease? Singin'...YOU are."
Wanna take a wild stab at the answer, Mr. President?

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