November 28, 2007

A Hero's Welcome

Sharon Hyland Keyser, a newlywed to one of our country's bravest, left a six-figure income to coordinate "personalized" homecomings for our troops returning from the Middle East. Sharon put her life savings on the line to start this venture which focuses on the unique interests of returning soldiers, and customizes their welcome-home celebrations to fit those passions. She invites local school kids to these celebrations so they can meet a real hero in person, and gets local businesses to donate products to help make the soldier's dream become reality.

Leave it up to a Suburban Philly Young Republican (Chairwoman no less) to understand what our troops really need, a Hero's Welcome. See this link to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

November 23, 2007

Taking the Next Step

Page13news is in the planning stage for a new look and format for 2008. Details will follow, but I am extrememly excited about the prospects that lie ahead.

For those of you who have been checking in regularly, I want to thank you for your support and feedback. Next year will be a BIG year for suburban Philly's alternative opinion. Stay tuned for continued updates and additional posts exposing the left's lunacy.

November 17, 2007

Fight Like a Man Hillary

The foundation for electing a woman president, according to the left, is based on the assumption that women are capable of doing and handling anything men can. So why is Hillary (Mrs. Bill Clinton) playing the sex card when it comes to the debates?

Clinton Inc. leveled "mudslinging" charges against Tim Russert and the other wanna-be presidential candidates. What caused the boys to be targeted for such slander? It seems that the girl didn't like the fact that Russert dared to challenge Hillary on the flip-flop she uttered in last week's debate in Philadelphia. The issue revolves around Hillary's answer to a seemingly simple question.

New York's (democrat) governor, Elliot Spitzer, was pushing for ILLEGAL ALIENS to be granted driver's licenses. The question was simple, "do you support the plan?" A simple yes or no answer was called for. But somehow, America's "smartest woman" found herself saying two different things in a span of 2 minutes.

John pretty-boy Edwards at least had the jewels to point it out and Russert followed-up by pressing Clinton on her answers. The result; the girl whined about the vicious slinging of mud and compared the boys pointing out her inconsistent remarks to attacks "right out of the Republican playbook".

Mrs. Bill Clinton, if you can't be held accountable for things you say, without whining like a little girl, what makes you think the American voters should trust you are tough enough (a.k.a. the intestinal fortitude) to be President??

November 9, 2007

Elephant in the Room

A year after his 2006 election loss, former Senator Rick Santorum, is now a guest columnist for the Inky. I can just hear ol' Whitey Ashburn now; "It's hard to believe Harry!"

In his first column, Santorum addresses a key issue those of us on the right often complain about; that opposing points of view should be encouraged in our nation's newspapers.

Some however aren't interested in the debate, though they claim otherwise. One Philly blog (Attytood, a Philly Daily News production written by Will Bunch) makes the claim that Santorum's column in the Inky is a problem because they failed to
"balance his arrival with any new progressive voices".
That thought process is exactly what's wrong with the main-stream, know-it-all media.

Mr. Bunch, your entire newspaper is the progressive's balance you claim is missing. Stop your whinning and read, maybe your thick skull will learn something!

November 3, 2007

Obama Bin-Lame

I almost don't need to say a word, the picture says it all.

Two questions...

First, besides this picture being published in Time Magazine, why didn't the media cover it? The Obama coverage that day was centered around how much money he was able to raise the previous quarter. Is this a sign of further selective journalism?

Second, why didn't ONE Democrat Presidential candidate or current elected official in Washington call it outrageous?? Yet another sign that the modern day democrats are nothing like their grandfathers who fought in WWII. They've been highjacked by more confident, communist-like, radical leftists; not afraid to show their real colors.

Someone was right about Obama being "Magic"-al.