November 17, 2007

Fight Like a Man Hillary

The foundation for electing a woman president, according to the left, is based on the assumption that women are capable of doing and handling anything men can. So why is Hillary (Mrs. Bill Clinton) playing the sex card when it comes to the debates?

Clinton Inc. leveled "mudslinging" charges against Tim Russert and the other wanna-be presidential candidates. What caused the boys to be targeted for such slander? It seems that the girl didn't like the fact that Russert dared to challenge Hillary on the flip-flop she uttered in last week's debate in Philadelphia. The issue revolves around Hillary's answer to a seemingly simple question.

New York's (democrat) governor, Elliot Spitzer, was pushing for ILLEGAL ALIENS to be granted driver's licenses. The question was simple, "do you support the plan?" A simple yes or no answer was called for. But somehow, America's "smartest woman" found herself saying two different things in a span of 2 minutes.

John pretty-boy Edwards at least had the jewels to point it out and Russert followed-up by pressing Clinton on her answers. The result; the girl whined about the vicious slinging of mud and compared the boys pointing out her inconsistent remarks to attacks "right out of the Republican playbook".

Mrs. Bill Clinton, if you can't be held accountable for things you say, without whining like a little girl, what makes you think the American voters should trust you are tough enough (a.k.a. the intestinal fortitude) to be President??

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