November 9, 2007

Elephant in the Room

A year after his 2006 election loss, former Senator Rick Santorum, is now a guest columnist for the Inky. I can just hear ol' Whitey Ashburn now; "It's hard to believe Harry!"

In his first column, Santorum addresses a key issue those of us on the right often complain about; that opposing points of view should be encouraged in our nation's newspapers.

Some however aren't interested in the debate, though they claim otherwise. One Philly blog (Attytood, a Philly Daily News production written by Will Bunch) makes the claim that Santorum's column in the Inky is a problem because they failed to
"balance his arrival with any new progressive voices".
That thought process is exactly what's wrong with the main-stream, know-it-all media.

Mr. Bunch, your entire newspaper is the progressive's balance you claim is missing. Stop your whinning and read, maybe your thick skull will learn something!

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