September 29, 2007

"Phony Soldiers" Truth

Who is Jessie McBeth (aka - Rush's "Phony Soldier")?

A classic example of how the dopes in the has-been media operate. It's the sad truth which shows how leftist political front groups like and control opinion, and how traditional outlets have lost their credibility.

I bet prior to this you bought into claims that Rush hated African-American quarterbacks (Donovan McNabb) and victims of Parkinson's disease (Michael J. Fox). That would be what the critics of Limbaugh - who never listen to Limbaugh - also think.

September 26, 2007

Damsker/Hoeffel Chair Getting Heat

Wait a minute...wait a minute!! The past several days, Joe Hoeffel has been ranting about Jim Matthews recieving campaign contributions from Bob Asher. He uses Matthews running mate Bruce Castor's own words about Asher to emphasize his problem with the relationship. He repeatedly calls on Matthews to return the money; much like Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton did with Norman Hsu's contributions.

Joe however would be wise to keep a closer eye on those next to him. It seems, from this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the cochairwoman to Damsker/Hoeffel campaign has her own issues to deal with, ones which should be resolved if he wants to control Montgomery County.

In a 9 month probe, which spanned 3 suburban counties, over $2 million in cash were seized and 17 search warrants were issued, by state and county law enforcement officials, to people associated to 9 different suburban bars and restaurants. Among those apparently involved, Joanne Cisco Olszewski, owner of Cisco's Bar and Grill in Flourtown.

Olszewski, until yesterday, was co-chairwoman for the Damsker/Hoeffel campaign, democrats for Montgomery County Commissioner. She also serves as a Montgomery County jury commissioner, a position which she, as of the Inquirer article, refuses to resign from.

I wonder what Joe's wit and wisdom will enlighten us with tomorrow?

September 24, 2007

Who's Reading Page13News?

Page13News would like to welcome two new viewers to Philly's alternative opinion source. It seems as though Montgomery County, PA Commissioner candidates Joe Hoeffel and Ruth Damsker have found this blog and apparently like it so much, they feel compelled to rip it's headlines.

In this press release from Hoeffel/Damsker, titled "If the Hsu Fits..." (I think I've heard that before), an attempt is made to claim that Jim Matthews should follow the lead of Hillary Clinton and Fast-Eddie Rendell. You see, Rendell and Clinton received campaign donations from a fugitive named Norman Hsu (see below article) . While they did eventually donate the money they received to charity, in Rendell's case, it took a second jumping of bail by Hsu, to warrant the cash being surrendered.

Now, Joe and Ruth want Jim Matthews to return money he got from Bob Asher, a long-time Republican donor. Asher was convicted of bribery in 1986 and served 9 months in jail for the offense. Hoeffel and Damsker want voters to believe their is some sort of moral relativism between the Rendell/Clinton relationship with Hsu, and Matthews' relationship with Asher.

One problem, there is no such parallel!! While it is true about Asher's prior conviction, it's also true that he served his time; he paid his debt. Hsu on the other hand, fled to Asia when he was convicted, came back, donated BIG money to Democrats, and tried to flee again when authorities caught up to him.

Now Joe, let's talk about Rendell's appointment of a political cronie (yourself) to a high position in Harrisburg as a political payoff for your bowing out of a run for Lieutenant Governor. Perhaps the tax-payer funded six-figure salary should also be given to charity?? I won't hold my breath.

September 20, 2007

If the Hsu Fits...

Democrat fundraiser and fugitive from the feds for 15 years, Norman Hsu, was finally captured two weeks ago in Colorado. Despite Hsu's grand-theft conviction in 1991, and a hiatus overseas to avoid jail, he recently appeared on the political scene, representing himself as a New York Businessman. Hsu donated generous amounts of money to many Democrats, including Ed Rendell. But it wasn't until Hsu skipped out of a September 5th, 2007 bail hearing (his second such stunt) that Governor Rendell finally decided to donate the $37,oo0 plus in donations he received from Hsu, to charity. It must have been a difficult choice for Ed, who once called Hsu "one of the 10 best people I've ever met".

The obvious lack of judgement that Eddie's suffering from is overshadowed only by his arrogance. Makes me wonder if the governor thinks he's gone beyond reproach. This often happens when politicians think they've cemented their legacy. But it would be foolish for democrats, including Rendell's heir-apparent Josh Shapiro, to think this won't have ripple effects.

The opportunity for the Dems in Montgomery County is now, or so it seemed. The stars were aligned as late as September 1st for a historic victory in November. After a successful 2006 and low approval ratings for President Bush, democrats state-wide probably feel confident about their chances to take over the crown-jewel in Pennsylvania Politics, the Montgomery County courthouse. And why wouldn't they?

But after round two of HillaryCare, after news that Iraq is improving, after immigration fraud was defeated, and after Hsu/Clinton/Rendell-gate, will democrats in Montco be able to halt the late shift of momentum for the GOP?

And if Southeastern PA Dems fail in their persuit this year, what does it say about their ability to bring home Pennsylvania for a democrat presidential candidate next year?

September 15, 2007

If the Ad Fits...

They have in small print at the top of their front page the following sentence:
"All the news that's fit to print"

I've always wrestled with this choice of words because it seems odd that the Newspaper of Record, the New York Times, would be in the business of censorship. After all, fit to print, must mean some news isn't.

Apparently, however, the select nature of news reporting is nothing compared to their bargaining power with far leftist groups like It seems the much ballyhooed full-page ad the George Soros backed group purchased, calling General Patreaus "General Betray Us", was bought at a reduced price. This article from the New York Post shows that select reporting and select advertising both exist at the nations most prominent newspaper.

The story, not suprisingly, missed their own front page. I guess it wasn't fit to print.

Which is exactly why page13news and a growing number of other exist, to provide the other side of the record.

...other proof of bias, mis-truths, and plagiarisms here...

September 13, 2007

A Game of Chess

If you look at the Presidential Candidates on both sides, which one do you suppose would win a chess tournament against the others? Politics is, of course, just one continuous game of skill and slight of hand. But war is played on a field of a higher level. Middle Eastern peoples invented the game of chess, so it's not a stretch to assume they know how to play.

In this article from Pajamas Media, Jules Crittenden shows how the assumed dunce George W. Bush may be better at the game than you may think.

September 10, 2007

September 3, 2007

Missing BIG News

Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette - The Democrat State Office of "Legislative" Research was searched by state officials last Thursday in an on-going investigation into charges that state employees were used to run campaigns. Additionally (from the Beaver County Times and Allegheny Times - online), former state representative Mike Veon (D-Beaver Falls) is being investigated for his involvement with a nonprofit organization called BIG (Beaver Initiative for Growth) he started and state money the group received.

Two questions I have...

1. Why can't I find this news from last week anywhere in the local news outlets search engines? If you find the magical combo of search terms, please let me know.

2. Will Joe Hoeffel mention the Harrisburg investigations when he tries to draw parallels between Norristown and Washington? Will he dare to draw parallels between his friends in the legislature and Democrat William Jefferson from Louisiana?

September 1, 2007

Reality Check?

Here's is a perfect example of what anti-war voters, who think their issue sent Patrick Murphy to Congress in 2006, get from their representative long after the results were tabulated.

''They can be adamant, but they have to understand reality," Ceisler said of the anti-war activists. "In terms of Patrick's election, where are they going to go? He's as good as they get on the issue. There are pockets of those people in Bucks County, but nothing that makes a big difference."

- Larry Ceisler Democrat Strategist Philadelphia

Ah, reality, that's the key. But what reality could Dems be hiding from their supporters? Reality that the surge is working? Reality that no matter how much Dems talked about how the election was a "mandate" to brings our troops home, there was never any intention to do so? Reality that the Democrats know they can't tell the President what to do with his troops?

Or is it that the donkeys will dance around the realities in Iraq to appease the hard-left, anti-war lunatics that they believe helped them get elected? Only to then turn around and talk of them as outliers in the political spectrum, because they know Democrat voters "have nowhere else to go". Or perhaps it's the knowledge, the REALITY, that talking like an anti-war hippie of the sixties, in Southeastern Pennsylvania, will result in a one-term run for Democrats like Murphy?

And here I thought the "most honest,ethical, and transparent Congress in history" - Nancy Pelosi - had a mandate. Or was that just not realistic?

It seems to me that Congressman Murphy and Democrats everywhere, like all good used car salesmen, have sold their anti-war supporters a lemon.

I have an answer to Mr. Ceisler's question. The Democrat's hard-core-leftist supporters will stay home, if the donkeys fail to bring the troops home ...that's where they'll go. Sweet dreams Patrick!