September 26, 2007

Damsker/Hoeffel Chair Getting Heat

Wait a minute...wait a minute!! The past several days, Joe Hoeffel has been ranting about Jim Matthews recieving campaign contributions from Bob Asher. He uses Matthews running mate Bruce Castor's own words about Asher to emphasize his problem with the relationship. He repeatedly calls on Matthews to return the money; much like Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton did with Norman Hsu's contributions.

Joe however would be wise to keep a closer eye on those next to him. It seems, from this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the cochairwoman to Damsker/Hoeffel campaign has her own issues to deal with, ones which should be resolved if he wants to control Montgomery County.

In a 9 month probe, which spanned 3 suburban counties, over $2 million in cash were seized and 17 search warrants were issued, by state and county law enforcement officials, to people associated to 9 different suburban bars and restaurants. Among those apparently involved, Joanne Cisco Olszewski, owner of Cisco's Bar and Grill in Flourtown.

Olszewski, until yesterday, was co-chairwoman for the Damsker/Hoeffel campaign, democrats for Montgomery County Commissioner. She also serves as a Montgomery County jury commissioner, a position which she, as of the Inquirer article, refuses to resign from.

I wonder what Joe's wit and wisdom will enlighten us with tomorrow?

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