January 11, 2012

An Open Letter to Those Hating Leftists

The following is an example of how you can take the prose of a devote leftist and turn it around on them without much effort.  Why?  Because nothing they believe is rooted in truth or evidence - just feelings, emotions, and assumptions.

My inspiration, this article found on the Daily Kos website - A open letter to people who hate Obama more than the love America.

My response...

I don't meet you all the time, because you exist on the extreme fringes of society.  You say you are a part of the 99%, but you're not.  You are a part of the 1% who hate just about everything that made America great, except the right to write such hate-filled 'letters'. 

You hate Christians.  I'd say you hate religious people but, based on your letter, you love Muslim-based Sharia law which does more to control women than taking away their 'right' to kill the unborn ever could.  Nevermind the Judeo-Christian based society of America where people of all faiths worship freely (that pesky 2nd half of the Church-State phrase from the Constitution the left forgets), or not, if they choose.

You love gays, though only publicly.  Privately you hate them, or at least find their lifestyle incompatible with your own.  You joke about them behind their backs yet pretentiously embrace them (no pun intended) when they are near.  And if you think Christians hate gays, have you ever asked a middle-eastern radical Muslim what they think?

You hate blacks.  Yes, I said it, and it's very, very, true.  See, you believe blacks can't succeed; they need an all-controlling government to support them because somehow capitalism has held them down.  I say nonsense.  People are exactly where they want to be.  If you truly want to be financially successful, nothing will keep you from achieving your dreams, except you.

Ask Herman Cain how he became so successful.  Wait, nope, you won't.  You assume he's some sort of an outlier.  He's someone who must have achieved his success by accident.  So ask Clarence Thomas.  Wait, nope, you won't.  You assume he's just an Uncle Tom. He's simply going along with the white man and giving him what he wants. 

The fact is you hate anyone, like Thomas and Cain, who espouse conservative thinking over a  socialistic nirvana.  It doesn't matter if other lesser known African-Americans like Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams have completely different views about race, capitalism, and conservatism in America, you won't listen to them because you hate them.

Conservatives, on the other hand, know success can be achieved regardless as to one's pigmentation.  We don't buy governmental redistribution of wealth for African-Americans to succeed and we have tons of evidence to support this.  While you claim compassion is found when the government gives stuff away, we believe true compassion is measured by the number of people who no longer need socialistic handouts.

You act like you hate war, but you don't.  You simply hate when America wins them with a conservative at the helm.  You probably supported Obama's actions to continue the hated George W. Bush's policies (and interrogation techniques) in the middle east and didn't object when President Obama sorta got involved in Lybia and almost helped the "freedom-fighting" Egyptians.

You hate bigots you say, while showing that you are in fact, by definition, a bigot yourself.  After all, anyone (!) who is intolerantly devoted to their opinion is, by definition, a bigot.  This includes refusing to see, understand or listen to conservative views, not simply following the narrow dogma of the left.

You hate capitalism because it doesn't allow your lazy rear end to remain as such - otherwise you die. It forces you to put down the joint and get to work. It rewards hard-work and sacrifice and has little patience for emotional responses to problems.

You hate Wall Street, mostly because you haven't the education to understand how capitalism works. You can thank your compassionate education system for your lack of knowledge.  You won't, because your leftist-teachers made you feel good about your ignorance.

Now my liberal friends, no matter what you have convinced yourself of, I don't hate you.  There are very real reasons, full of true compassion, why I believe what I do.   None of those reasons have you taken more than two seconds to understand fully, because if Bill Maher and George Carlin hated it, you were probably foolish enough to hate it too.

Open your mind, young skulls full of mush (a Rush-ism), to all thinking.  If you are truly the open-minded liberals you profess to be, then open it to understand the conservative perspective.

You won't of course, because the ignorant don't know what they are missing.   And ignorance, is bliss.

January 3, 2012

How Santorum Can Win

Courtesy RickSantorum.com
Nothing would tweak the left more than a true social conservative, the hated Rick Santorum, becoming the GOP's choice for President in 2012.  I know, I'm going way out on a limb here.

No individual is more consistently against the agenda the radical-left holds most dear - abortion on demand with no conditions, sexual exhibition free and preach-able, destruction of the traditional family unit, weakening of US military policy - than Santorum.

The left's attack on him will be relentless, but predictable.  Nevermind the state of the US economy, the massive accumulated debt under Obama's guidance, relationships between the White House and those who've sworn to destroy our economic system, or Iran's apparent new-found comfort with saber-rattling. 

No, those issues won't matter.  To the radical left, forcing acceptance of alternative lifestyles, protecting the 'right' to kill innocence, and the horror of a religious man in the Oval Office will be the problem.  Record money will be spent attempting to scare people - women mainly - about a Santorum presidency and a religious state. Claims - oh by the way - made against every GOP candidate since Roe v Wade.

Some in the DC media loop will insist such a conservative can not win.  Really?  Let's examine the theory.

Assumption:  Moderates will be scared off by Santorum's conservative views
The problem with this thinking is reality.  People vote with their pocketbook first.  When people can't afford groceries, gas, and the mortgage, someone or something has to change.  Further, Reagan and George W. Bush were both cast as extreme conservatives.  Yet they both won, twice.

Assumption:  Santorum is a one-issue candidate
With eight (8) years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, no one can make that claim with a straight face.  Santorum has proven, with his record and in each of the debates so far, he has a firm grasp on Middle East policy and our critical relationship with Israel.

This thinking also  assumes that Obama can duck his one issue - the failing US economy.  Add cozy relationships with the growing list of Obama's supporters who received stimulus funds, only to mysteriously go belly-up, and Santorum has a lot to discuss beyond one issue.

Assumption:  Santorum lost Pennsylvania in 2006, he can't win now
Problem is, this isn't 2006.  Bush is not the face of the party anymore, and the Specter/Toomey debacle that convinced many Pennsylvania republicans to stay home in 2006, is long over.  The issue was played out and won't be held against him again.  He will win Pennsylvania, if he is the nominee. (side note - Lincoln also lost his Senate seat before going on to win the Presidency)

So okay, he can overcome some of the obstacles the DC crowd says he has against him.  But how can he defeat the Obama war chest, the unions, and assistance from the big-four media?

Santorum is less-likely to make a major verbal policy gaff.  He may upset the left with his views on social issues, but he is who he is and he is consistent.  There will be few times when he says something unexpected or shocking.  He is solid on every issue and well-educated about their historical significance.

Besides, the media will bash whoever the GOP candidate is, just ask the 'moderate' John McCain.  Romney, the GOP-elite's choice, will be attacked exactly the way Santorum will.  Mitt's moderate views won't buy him any less critique.

Unlike Romney, Santorum doesn't come off as plastic or pre-programmed.  Unlike Newt, he doesn't try to be everything to everyone.  Unlike Paul, he's not a foreign policy flake.  Unlike Bachmann and Perry, he is solid with his views and can convey them convincingly.  Unlike Huntsman, he has presence and strong resolve.  Unlike McCain and Bush, you won't be holding your breath every time he speaks.

Sure, Santorum is not the perfect candidate.  He's not the orator Reagan was, inspiring a movement toward the shining city on the hill.  His cockiness needs to become more tempered; less know-it-all, more charmed and optimistic.

Santorum has flaws (debt-ceiling to begin with), but he is the best choice for socially and fiscally conservative voters.  Ultimately the House and Senate is where debt-ceiling control can be best attained.

Santorum has worked this Iowa caucus the way it should be - by keeping it real, keeping it local.  If it pays off with a top three finish on Tuesday, as the pundits predict, it will be well deserved. 

Huntsman is the only one of those remaining we know will be around for New Hampshire. Which leaves Bachmann, Gingrich, and Perry supporters with a choice.  If their candidate bags the campaign trail where do they throw their support?  Romney?  I doubt it.  Mitt has 22-25% and can't seem to break that number no matter how hard he tries.  Paul?  C'mon Man!  Ron Paul's support will not sustain long-term. Even the Congressman admits he's a long-shot. 

Newt and Michele's support will go to Santorum, Perry's may go to Romney.  Santorum will continue to rise as Paul's supporters look for a home and the race should ultimately boil down to him and Romney.

As we hit the heart of primary season, Santorum will have shown an ability to effectively attack Romney, especially on Romneycare.  He has depth on virtually every issue, and Santorum gives the anyone-but-Romney crowd someone they can feel confident in.  Head to head, Rick beats Mitt.

If the GOP elites start to attack Santorum, he could stand to benefit.  And here's where the Tea Party could make a huge difference - uniting behind one candidate the inept, ineffective, and to-date spineless GOP leadership hasn't chosen.

In November, Santorum will have the religious right (duh!); he will have the Tea Party; he will have the independents (it's the economy stupid); he will have the 'moderate' Republicans (as much as they will hate it); and he will have average voters who have seen 'Hope and Change' and don't like the view.

Can Santorum win?  I certainly think so.