September 24, 2007

Who's Reading Page13News?

Page13News would like to welcome two new viewers to Philly's alternative opinion source. It seems as though Montgomery County, PA Commissioner candidates Joe Hoeffel and Ruth Damsker have found this blog and apparently like it so much, they feel compelled to rip it's headlines.

In this press release from Hoeffel/Damsker, titled "If the Hsu Fits..." (I think I've heard that before), an attempt is made to claim that Jim Matthews should follow the lead of Hillary Clinton and Fast-Eddie Rendell. You see, Rendell and Clinton received campaign donations from a fugitive named Norman Hsu (see below article) . While they did eventually donate the money they received to charity, in Rendell's case, it took a second jumping of bail by Hsu, to warrant the cash being surrendered.

Now, Joe and Ruth want Jim Matthews to return money he got from Bob Asher, a long-time Republican donor. Asher was convicted of bribery in 1986 and served 9 months in jail for the offense. Hoeffel and Damsker want voters to believe their is some sort of moral relativism between the Rendell/Clinton relationship with Hsu, and Matthews' relationship with Asher.

One problem, there is no such parallel!! While it is true about Asher's prior conviction, it's also true that he served his time; he paid his debt. Hsu on the other hand, fled to Asia when he was convicted, came back, donated BIG money to Democrats, and tried to flee again when authorities caught up to him.

Now Joe, let's talk about Rendell's appointment of a political cronie (yourself) to a high position in Harrisburg as a political payoff for your bowing out of a run for Lieutenant Governor. Perhaps the tax-payer funded six-figure salary should also be given to charity?? I won't hold my breath.


Ralph said...

Will you still love me when your famous?

page13 said...

You are assuming I love you now.