March 24, 2010

Who Exactly is Inciting Mobs?

Those of us in the Tea Party movement are purposely being labeled an angry mob by several different has-been news organizations. Their motivation for doing so can only be answered by them, but one thing is crystal clear - should a violent societal breakdown occur, in the media's mind, it will originate from the Tea Party movement.

Phone calls to several democrat lawmakers using threatening, hateful language have emerged and shared with the media. Dutifully, news organizations have tagged the callers as associates of the Tea Party movement or even the GOP. Neither the GOP, the majority of Tea Party activists, nor myself condone or support such actions. Those kinds of calls do nothing to advance debate or human dignity.

The media however seems perfectly comfortable making the accusation despite having zero evidence of who these people are or if they have any actual relationship with the Tea Party or the GOP. But why let a silly thing like that keep you from your agenda making?

This is no isolated incident; there's a storyline being presented. Take the following examples: Dr. Lamont Hill (FOX News), Chris Matthews (MSNBC), Courtland Milloy (Washington Times).

This isn't the first time they have purposely tried to associate the anti-government movement as hate-filled and racist. You may remember this video when MSNBC tried to tag those attending the health care town halls as gun-toting racists. Of course, the reality was quite different.

Now, let's contrast the Tea Party movement with the revolutionaries on the left and you tell me who exactly is the "angry mob" here? From the Obama administration: Van Jones, Ron Bloom, and Anita Dunn. From the 2008 election: ACORN members, Palin haters, and the Black Panthers.

Flash mobs aren't created by Tea Party activists either. Our movement doesn't need the element of surprise or intimidation because our agenda is transparent, unlike some in the political arena of ideas. While most of us support the 2nd amendment, we have no interest in violence; no interest in those who do. But drawing parallels between the Tea Parties and the recent string of flash mob incidents in Philadelphia, as one report did earlier this week, doesn't do anything but add fuel to the fire.

So to those of you in the news media I say: stop your incendiary rhetoric. Stop blaming the peaceful resistance of a hostile government takeover for violence which hasn't happened.

If there will be blood on any one's hands, it may well be yours.

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