October 8, 2008

ACORN to "Beat McCain Down"

Outside the Northeast Philly office of McCain/Palin, ACORN has a message for the GOP nominee. Class act ladies, real classy. Is this what we have to look forward to if Barry wins? What if he loses?


Anonymous said...

But....it's OK at McCain rallies for his supporters to yell "Kill him" about Obama?????

Draco said...

Exactly. How does this relate to Obama, directly?
What I see are voters that are tried of Bush policy, taking their frustration out on McCain. If Johnny Mac's supporters are going to go the extra mile and call reporters racial slurs, and even say they want to kill Obama, what can we look forward to if McC wins? What if he loses?

Ralph L. said...

Maybe they'll both lose and Ralph Nadar could have his shot at ruining the country.

page13 said...

No, a single nut-job yelling kill him is not acceptable.