October 27, 2008

Obama - Use the Courts to Spread the Wealth

Hat tip to a real AM radio talk show host, Bill Bennett, and Drudge.

In his own words, Obama on Chicago "public radio" and the failure of the Supreme Court to redistribute wealth. With the potential of 3 or more Supreme Court justices retiring, can we afford this kind of change?

He also states the Constitution is a charter which doesn't address what the states must do on your behalf. Obama is displaying the reality of the left - they hate the Constitution.

In 8 days, Americans will decide whether the Constitution is worthy of its continuance.


Draco said...

Here's two questions for you and anyone else: what kind of redistribution do you think he was talking about?
And do you think that slavery, segregation and racism have influenced the economic and social standing of minorities in this country?

page13 said...

First answer, the same kind of redistribution every Democrat has pushed for since Johnson's "Great Society".

Second answer, no. Since slavery ended over 140 years ago, and segregation ended 40 years ago, I think it's time people start talking about what African-Americans CAN DO, instead of what holds them back.

Furthermore, I think that redistribution of wealth will only lead to the further demise of the African-American community; making them more dependent on government won't lift them up, it will only further enslave them.

Read Thomas Sowell's or Walter Williams' opinions regarding race and perhaps you'll better understand why Democrat redistributive social programs hurt, not help, minorities.

Racism is a mental problem which exists in every culture (Islam vs Jews, Chinese vs other asian cultures)... it's not just something white Europeans possess.

Draco said...

Let me start by saying that what he's saying, to me, is that federal money should have gone toward grass roots community programs that would have helped individual municipalities and neighborhoods. The court would have been and would be extremely radical in dictating that, but I think that as a matter of legislation, it isn't that insiduous.
That said, I think you're a bit confused, as are a lot of us about the issue of racial inequality. Slavery aside, 40 years ago is not that long. There ar equite a ferw people alive today that remember living that life, and their influence on this generation is substantive and important. PAy attention to what you wrote: "will only further enslave them". Minorities are still at a disadvantage in very respect. Yes, they need to stand up, and yes, they don't deserve handouts. But they need an infrastructure of support.
Finally, I'm only focused on this type of racism because it manifested itself in such an important way. The American brand of racism fueled the economy of half this country. Yes there are racists everywhere.
And lastly, Islam v. Jews is a bad example.