October 2, 2008

Never, Ever Underestimate Sarah

When Rocky took on Apollo Creed the first time, no one thought the outcome would be a draw. OK, it's a stretch to compare the Philly classic to tonight's debate. But few people expected Sarah Palin to match Biden in this contest, let alone knock him to the canvas several times.

Biden didn't do anything to hurt himself or Barack tonight. He did a good job of, well, being Biden. He had a few flawed statements such as when he stated, "the surge concept won't work in Afghanistan" followed immediately by "we need more troops". And when he tried to weasel out of his "no coal plants in America" comments, Sarah correctly pointed out his double talk on the rope line.

It was supposed to be the McCain/Palin ticket's last stand. A lot of pundits thought the race would be over tonight. But that's why they play the games. As one commentator noted, "Welcome to the Sarah Palin show".

She was funny, witty, and relaxed. She was comfortable enough to admit that she's only been playing this game for five weeks. She spoke to middle-America, not the elitist East Coast crowd.

Joe was left to resort with class warfare, typical of Democrat candidates for as long as I can remember. He tried, again, to label McCain as just another Bush. But I suspect few voters actually buy that drivel; McCain didn't get his label as a Maverick for nothing.

All eyes were on Sarah tonight, Biden was just the side show. Of course I think she won, but I suspect so did many others watching.

The game is officially on again; the fat lady isn't singing; the obituary has not been written. Less than five weeks to go and it's about to get tight.

Unlike Rocky and Apollo, there won't be a rematch. But "Dog-gone-it" the under card sure was worth the price of admission.


page13 said...

By the way...

Was it me, or did Joe suddenly lose his forehead wrinkles?

Didn't his upper lip seem stiff?

Can you say Botox?

Draco said...

No substance to her. None. She did do a great job a first, but I needed to hear her say something smart, not witty.
She did relax and fit into her role. But Biden came off as the VP choice. We don't need another "jane six pack."
And I'm sure that everyone got the "same as Bush message". You're wrong about the rematch as well.
All of these points will come up in the next debate, and this time it's going to be about the economy.
In all, I'd give this one to Palin 55-45, but I think her "quirkiness" will lose focus when you look at her answers. Net gain: Obama on Tuesday.

page13 said...

Fact check...just one VP debate this year.

Draco said...

Yeah, I know; I wish we had a few more VP debates.
But what I meant was that this VP battle isn't over. Biden proved that he could go 90 minutes and not be a jackass; but Palin created a persona for herself, AND she basically told called out the media. So the rematch will happen. It will be moderated by the media, with Biden taking policy shots at both of them, and Palin stumping with her persona. It's left to Palin to appear and defend herself and her policies, considering thst it's the economy and healthcare that will be the focus for the next month.