October 27, 2008

The Hanging of Palin

Hypocrites and hate-mongers. I'm sure glad Obama's rise is bringing about real change.

A Sarah Palin mannequin was hung by a noose as a part of a "Halloween" display outside a West Hollywood home.

I wonder how many MSM outlets will cover this, as opposed to those who would lead their news broadcast if it was the Messiah in the noose.

At least it was covered by LA's local CBS station.


Draco said...

Right. Like the McCain supporter that faked an attack. Or the assholes who killed the little bear cub. Or the "real americans" who scream "kill him" and "terrorist". I think hate is running even on both sides. Move on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Draco. There has been so much "hate" expressed during this campaign. Supporters on both sides have said some terrible things. I am glad that the economy came to the forefront and got us talking about issues at least for a while. I guess not everyone wants to let the hate go, but wouldn't we be a better country if we kept it to issues and not emotions. Just once, I would like a political campaign where both sides just presented their backgroud and what they would like to do without ANY negative, hateful ads, posters or phone calls. I don't think I'll ever get to see it though.

page13 said...

FBI said the "kill him" comment didn't happen, the fraud who faked her attack is sick, and the perpetrators of the bear attack is unproven as to who did it.

The Palin hanging is however proven. As is the Palin is a C-word tee-shirts, Eddie Vedder's "Bush's head on a microphone stand", and the ACORN volunteers stating they will "Beat McCain down". Not to mention these wonderful displays...


And the fact that if it happened the other way around, it would get nationwide attention is a fact.

Move on, very original Draco. I know you are a better thinker than that.

Draco said...

Michelle Malkin? My turn: Ed, I know you're better than that.