October 2, 2008

Abington Changes - Return of the Obama

Earlier this spring, the Abington School Board overturned a long-standing policy forbidding politicking on school grounds. They were clearing the way for Michele Obama to come to Abington for a rally.

It was not to give props to Abington for achieving the honor of being one of the Top 100 Best Communities for Young People, despite what they claimed.

See page13news coverage of the March event here.

Now, on the heels of news that the Almighty Barack Obama will grace our community with a visit Friday, residents are outraged. In the spring, the event was held at the end of the school day, so the school day wouldn't be interupted, just shortened.

This time, the event will be held in the middle of the school day. This time, student and teachers will not be doing what taxpayers pay for them to be doing. This time, maybe the overtime for the additional police will actually be paid for by the campaign.

Stay tuned.


Draco said...

What policy? I went to Abington, and I remember shaking Gov. Bush's hand in our library, in the middle of a school day.

I have washed and washed, but the stickiness remains.

page13 said...

Read the March postings.

S. Kline said...

I praise the Schoold District to exposing the students in high school to the process. Whether its Obama or McCain, understanding the the campaign and election process makes our future generations better prepared to chart there own paths politically, ideologically and morally. I only hope that a discussion of the process follows suit between the students that attended and their teachers.

I would want and encourage my kids (if they were of high school age) to attend regardless of whether it was McCain or Obama speaking.

Voting is important, understanding who your are voting for is more important.

page13 said...


I suppose the fact that the event was, once again, falsly sold as honoring Abington for its 100 Best Communities for Young People doesn't matter.

I suppose using Abington's students as political pawns doesn't factor into your opinion either.

Just so long as Barry gets the positive press.

Why can't the kids be "educated" about politics inside the classroom?

Deception, smoke and mirrors, lies....that the lesson the kids were taught. Democrats should be, but won't be, ashamed.

Draco said...

How are kids political pawns? As I read it, young voters are split 2 to 1 for Obama. You might not like it, but they may have wanted him there. As for teaching in the classroom, I agree with you. It's the best way. But then again, why do schools have field trips? To get something of a different experience, and to actually see the subject.
You're getting really shrill buddy. Relax. Stick to real issues.

Anonymous said...

I don't think page13 is being shrill at all. Rather, he's accurately pointing out that Dem school board members (who were elected when they were Republicans) have lied to the residents twice about the reasons for the Obama visits. That's not shrill, it's fact.

Draco said...

No. He called the students pawns. And I'm sure the residents of Abington don't mind Obama being there. If it were McCain's campaign showing up, this wouldn't be here, like it is.
I'm sure this was a great experience for students. So relax.
And isn't it telling that the people who oversee the schools turned away from the GOP?

Anonymous said...

The Barack Obama visit to Abington H.S. was a blatant voter registration drive for his campaign sponsored by Amy Sichel and the democratic school board who sent unsuspecting students to the stadium …." to expose the students in high school to the process"…. only to be accosted by the hordes of Obama volunteers with clipboards asking the kids waiting in line to register to vote on the spot. Wake up Abington, you have just been duped again!