October 22, 2008

Mac is Back

Just when a lot of the media were busy helping Barack measure drapes, comes this little story of an AP poll showing the presidential race is much tighter than any in the MSM would like you to know.

This tightening in the race comes despite a profoundly negative tone to the majority of news stories relating to John McCain. Want proof? Here ya go.

In other news, Palin's wardrobe is the focus of some media reports, while stories of Obama's relationship with Williams Ayers continue to be buried.

More evidence of the death of journalism...


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show, you see what you want to see....

And I'd like to know the definition of "deemed
Likely to vote..."

"The AP-GfK survey included interviews with a large sample of adults including 800 deemed likely to vote. Among all 1,101 adults interviewed, the survey showed Obama ahead 47 percent to 37 percent. He was up by five points among registered voters."

page13 said...

Yep, I'll take "likely voters" over "adults interviewed" or "registered voters" any day. Especially since Mickey Mouse and other frauds, thanks to ACORN, are among those considered to be registered voters.

As for the definition you seek, ask the professional pollsters. But they have a scientific way of weeding out those who won't show on election day...the only poll that counts.

Draco said...

Polls are ridiculous, often wrond, and frankly, the worst kind of propaganda.

I did my own poll today. It included 100% of registered voters in my household; this household is representative of all households that have the same address. Poll was done by face to face conversation. The results show Barack Obama winning the registered vote, and in a surprise twist, the pet vote.
There. Everybody stay home.

Anonymous said...

draco and page, you sound like Abbott and Costello discussing astrophysics.

According to realclearpolitics (THE bellweather for polls) McCain can win if:
1. He wins all the states solidly in his favor
2.He wins all the McCain leaning states.
3. He wins all six "toss up" states. (Five of which, he is behind).
4. He wins Ohio where he is down by 6.6%.
5. And,he wins PA where he is down by 11%.

This confluence of luck and/or strategy would yeild the slimmest margin in electoral history.

Yada yada...liberal media...left wing conspiracy...I know polling better than professional polsters...

Your time would be better spent understanding how the party ceded popular support.

OR you can just wave flags and sing God Bless America.

Draco said...

Anonymous. Thanks for the diatribe. I'm an Obama supporter, and yes, I think he will win. But my point is that even the most optimistic Obama campaigner has to treat this like an election, not a sure thing. Push like you're behind. Get everyone to vote.
As for polls, you see how they are used by both sides. Relax, and go vote.