October 18, 2008

Simply Amazing

Sal, from the Howard Stern show, wanted to take the pulse of main street America. So he went to Harlem to interview average Americans. Are voters in Harlem supporting Barack Obama or John McCain on the issues? Are they even sure what the issues are?


HT ERick


Draco said...

So I'd lump this bunch with the jackasses that still think Obama is a muslim or an Arab. How do we fix this problem? Should there be a test for the right to vote, or should there be random bits like this all over the country? I don't know. The level of ignorance on both sides of this election is incredible. And I'm positive we're outnumbered.

page13 said...

I agree Draco, sorta.

I wouldn't have a problem if he was Muslim or Arab... being such by itself isn't an issue. But the type of Muslims or Arabs he chooses to associate with, now that is troubling.

You do know of his associations with Kenyan Presidential candidate Odinga?

Do a google search or follow this link...


Or read this book by Jerome Corsi, Obama Nation.