October 25, 2007

Politicizing Everything

It's a shame. Not one event can pass without a bevie of Democrat yahoos turning it into a political opportunity. In separate statements, (source NationalLedger.com) Democrats Harry Ried, Barbara Boxer, and California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi all took swipes at President Bush, in the wake of the forest fires in San Diego and LA.

For now, I'll forget the liberal/democrat/environmentalist wackos prevented the clearing our of underbrush in these forests because of thier claims of ecological harm that results from these risk management concepts. Additionally, I lay aside the fact that a lack of pre-Katrina preparation by the local government - not just a lack of movement by the Feds - led to the chaos and higher numbers of deaths in Louisiana.

Instead, I'll focus on these folks, who would have us believe that they care more about the average man (and mother nature too) than Republicans do, don't bother to put politics aside and wrap their arms around the human tragedy in front of them. Instead, they see an opportunity to gobble-up votes, to assign blame, to politicize everything.

It's a clear sign of the difference between risk management which Republicans prefer and crisis management the left chooses. Risk management clear out the underbrush near populated areas; gets residents on school buses prior to an advancing hurricane; and allows for alternative energy resources like coal and nuclear power to offset apparent impact of environmental harm we create. Pay no attention to the failed ideas democrats encouraged which were contributing factors to the size of the fires. Instead, they'd rather us focus on junk science, other natural disasters, and a war they can't seem to stop.

More examples of failed Democrat Leadership.

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Ralph said...

Yea...give the left time and they'll somehow blame the Kennedy assasination on this administration. While we're at it, global warming, FEMA and Bush are to blame for all the murders in Philadelphia. Yea...thats much easier...lets not talk about or solve the real problems.