January 22, 2009

Obama's Overdue Bill to Abington

In the next chapter of the over-politically-motivated Abington School Board and the saga surrounding their gracious gift to the residents who pay their bills, a teeny-weeny issue remains.

That is, if you think a $40,000 bill still due is chump change.

Michele Obama came to our lovely town 10 months ago. Her most-wonderful spouse followed up with a visit of his own in October. The saga has been documented here.

Problem. They still owe Abington Township $21,000, and $19,000 combined to several other municipalities, for the police who worked the security detail on both days.

Now, it's not like the Obama campaign doesn't pay their bills. After all, the school district (and it's Democrat controlled board) got paid. Just not the township, where Republicans still control the purse strings.

Josh Shapiro has promised results; says the check is in the mail.

But after 10 months of waiting, the chump change still hasn't arrived.

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